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  1. Daniel needs to slow down, he's tearing these guys some new holes.
  2. WTG DN. It's great to see him playing well like this. It's about time he gets his, GL Daniel, all of us here are rooting for you.
  3. i'll have to look into this, it's FT right? I'm really excited, time to put my bankroll towards actually learning something.
  4. am i the only one seeing censored. how can i avoid this?
  5. Can we continue talking about 24? I was in Rome on a cruise and saw Dennis Haysbert in a market. I went up to him and addressed him, "Mr. President." He started laughing and said most people didn't know what 24 was over there.
  6. ****wad, cuntwad, jizz****er.
  7. Gavin Smith, he's my all-in player on our ESPN Fantasy Poker League. He's been tearing up the circuit lately. Maybe good cards, or just ridiculous play, who knows, he's still winning.
  8. PW: ForumGL everyone. It's under the private tourny tab, then the sit-n-go tab. milestodavid's
  9. I can't find any parallel to this guy's conservative thoughts, it's extremely radical. The closest analogy I can think of brings Howard Dean to mind. So lets put this together, Howard Dean is to radical Liberal as Beck is to radical conservative? Close, no cigar though. We need to figure out a more conservative party name, he belongs there. Perhaps his symbol could be a monkey.
  10. is this a jopke? last time i heard lance armstrong had cancer, and has raised millions for his cause. pompous he may be, but he is also a great role model.
  11. still havin trouble and it's 1:30pm EST here
  12. this season seems to be a great one, i'm totally excited. the first couple minutes of the first episode had me to the point of tears. great way to start the season, but an unfortunate kill count....i'm at 3.
  13. pisces... douchebag.j/k
  14. shouldn't we have lost count by now.... i usually do after about 5.
  15. not making fun of you, hell i've done it too lol
  16. i love these threads, OP, chip leader in tourny with 10 left!next post in thread: out.
  17. yea, his threads were pretty funny.
  18. 78 bottles of beer on the wall78 bottles of beertake one down, pass it around
  19. as mainstream as it is, what eminem has done for rapping and hip hop is astronomical compared to what others have done. any takers?
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