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  1. Twins.Boston is close, but they have too many holes.Yankees win east, Tigers win central, A's win west.Let's not talk about the NL though. I'm a fan of NL baseball and it hurts to see the one team I despise doing the best.If I had to pick the best team not make the playoffs in the NL, and this is totally base on paper, Astros. Talk about an upset.

  2. QFMFTNewbie...ur alright in my book.The movie is going to be interesting for sure without the 24-hour limitations. Plus, we'll find out what Jack REALLY means every time he says "damn" now that he can swear.
    maybe when he hangs up he'll actually say bye.I'm a 24 addict as well, rewatching season two for the 3rd time. I have to agree with showstopper, season two does get more entertaining. It is easily the best season, by far. I'm sure all real 24 fans will agree. The best seasons in order have to go 2, 3, 1/5 tied, 4. But my FAVORITES 3, 1/5, 2, 4. Comments?
  3. +1**** gold, that classless son of a *****. He's a luckbox is what he is. Had it not been for those Moneymaker-type suckouts before the final table he would have donked out miserably. Maybe he should donate his winnings to charity, but then again he wouldn't be a class act in my eyes.

  4. Damn stars still hasn't given me my chat back when I got banned in the very first "bloggers tournament" for saying someone got "Jewmiliated." How grand.
    this made me actually laugh out loud. havent heard the expression but a damn funny phrase to lose your chat, at least you made it worth it.
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