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  1. Obviously Doyle is king with 2 world titles. I guess people like Hellmuth, Raymer and Gold are the Premier division being world champions, but in terms of second division I put Todd at the top, with DN way up there. Still they all make a living out of it.
    ....Premier division? Raymer and Gold shouldn't be put up that high yet, atleast not Gold. And to put them in the same category as Hellmuth? Thats absurd. Being a world champ really doesn't hold up in a game like this. IMO poker is a game of skill, but look at Moneymaker. Come on.
  2. i look at it two ways. here's my first point. David Ortiz up, down by one in the bottom of the ninth with 1st base open. Do you pitch to him, or in this imperfect baseball world, to Alex Gonzalez.secondly though, his disability WAS exploited, in which case makes this completely immoral and wrong.competition ruins kids this young. coaches living vicariously through their sons during the championship game ruins the purest form of this game. what the coach did was wrong, and he sure as damn hell knows it.

  3. slow rolling is a **** move and usually players who dont have much experience at live play do it. for the future, don't do it. if you know you have the pot won, there is no point. of course in this situation i'm sure you didn't realize what was happening, so i dont blame you. i would have gotten steamed, as i always do when i'm slowrolled, but not as bad as this guy.

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