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  1. Sure, you would be responsible for cruise, but we can discuss a discounted price for the seat ticket. Sorry for being unclear.
  2. Hey all-I recently won a seat to the Poker Pro Challenge Finals on Oct 28, 2012 aboard the Carnival Magic. The cruise leaves out of Galveston, TX and goes to Montego Bay, Grand Cayman & Cozumel. The seat is worth $750. Cruise ticket is not included.If anyone is interested in buying seat, please shoot me a message. Last year, it looks like there were around 300 entrants, including Chris Moneymaker. It is played on those poker machines, not a live dealer.Thanks,Jamie
  3. USA Coop event 4. Going for 12+ hours now...Coming up n FT bubble....TID!!!
  4. I've been away from here for a while, but now I'm back. Anyone still grinding SNG's? I play the 90's on FTP (12's & 24's) as well as some $11 turbo STT
  5. Daniel-Stay strong & be by her side. Our thoughts & prayers are with your family.
  6. I've decided to give this a try just to see how far I can get (& to see which level is most profitable for me in regards to money won per hand). After 2 weeks I'm up to .05/.10. Table selection is HUGE!I don't expect to get as far as DN, but this is a fun experiment so far!
  7. Hey all-Wanted a little help. Which online blind timers do you guys recommend? I'm looking for something basic & free.Thanks alot!
  8. Put me in the winner's circle!!!!! Just won my first tourney!! $2.20 NL Quintuple shootout. That is a fun tourney- 4-person tables. 1024 ppl max.Nice cash of $327 That feels good!Not really a small ball game, but I did feel I was playing aggressively & ran all of the tables. Raising with top pr & firing 2 & 3 bullets with weak players (which there were a lot of! Lots of limping)I did use DN heads up style... Min raise in position & bet half pot on flop. Didn't play any bigs hands out of position unless I had it. Works like a charm!!!!Haven't won a tourney since one of t
  9. That would be a great topic for the pros to do a segment on!! I tried to get them to do a segment on how to become more aggressive, but there has been no response. That is by far my biggest weakness. I am a very patient player, but feel that I call & check too much. I guess I think they always have the nuts & if I raise w a bluff or semi-bluff they will just go all-in & I'll have to fold. I've improved in the fact that I am raising more coming into a pot & I've started to raise more with top pair, making CBs, & using the "Johnny Chan" play. So, I feel I'm slowly impro
  10. I've made a little bit of money since signing up for PVT. My main problem is that I can't devote nearly as much time to playing poker as I would like. Over Thanksgiving, when I had plenty of time to play, I did do very well for the week (very well in my opinion). I only have a bankroll of a few hundred bucks after a couple month down swing. So, I've been playing $5 Double or nothing SNG & 18 person $5 MTT SNG. I usually try to get into the $5 MTT in the afternoon if my workload is slow (which has about 4300 players) & I cashed once in about 6 tourneys.My results for the days I dev
  11. Sent in my testimonial a while ago. How long does it take to get the shirt?
  12. That game sounds alot like my weekly home game. I discovered long ago that ABC poker is the way to go. You'll just get frustrated with making elaborate plays that they won't understand & call all your bets with bad cards, yet they still take the pot.Good luck!
  13. Question for the pros:I am a tight player & need suggestions on becoming more aggressive. I've added a few "plays" to my game from the SB section that are working really well in tournaments, but still want to be a little more aggressive at times during cash games. What tips/suggestions do you have to increase aggression from a tight player? Having trouble knowing when to raise & reraise in & out of position to try to win the pot. Or even raising with top or middle pair.I've been playing at the same level for some time now & want to be able to take my game to the next level.
  14. I've fallen in love with the $5 18-person MTT!! It's such a soft game & I cash in just above 70% of the time. So, I naturally moved up to the $10 game. Here I am cashing in about 10% of the time. After a nice hit to my small bankroll, I've moved back down to the $5 game & again I'm killing it. Is there really that much of a difference in play? Or maybe I just have hit a bad run of cards. Is it normal to go thru a period of play adjustment at a new level? Any basic advice out there?
  15. Finished 4th in a heads up tourney on a smaller site! Breezed thru 6 matches until I lost a coin flip w pocket 9's. Watching Daniel's HU matches on Poker VT has helped me tremendously!
  16. I've known my brother's tell for years! I have even told him he has one, but I won't tell him what it is. It drives him nuts!! I figure it's payback for the lifetime of beatings he gave me when we were kids! Revenge is so sweet
  17. Just signed up last night & was up until 2 a.m! Dragging at work, but I'm excited to get back at it tonight!So far its been pretty cool & can't wait to use the stuff I'm learning!
  18. You want to be aggressive so that you won't be blinded off. The short stacks are trying to hang on, but they can & will move in with almost anything. I like to target the medium stacks here. They are trying to wait out the small stacks & are less likely to get confrontational. I also play a little weaker with stronger hands at this point to induce a smaller stack to move in. Hope I could help. Good luck!
  19. I usually play the $5-$10 sng's on stars. Just play tight in beginning & let them weed each other out. You can make it to the money with out really trying.
  20. Couple of things I have seen or not seen:Live tourney standingsHaving player balances at the table with decimal places, not just whole dollar values.Being able to see who is playing & who is sitting out at a table.
  21. They got divorced because she's a psycho hose beast. AND she doesn't wipe!
  22. Canes are gonna win the cup tonight!!I'm off to the game.
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