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  1. This is an easy fold, right?Yeah, drawing dead or close too often considering pot size.IF he made a good play, he made a good play.good luck.
  2. Not sure why you wouldn't just move in here preflop. The overlay's big enough that you'll get called by hands you're killing a fair amount, and if they fold, great, you pick up a lot of chips.That being said, I'm 0 for 19 with KK lately, so I probably start crying as soon as I see it.good luck.
  3. Part of me is thinking that for $140-something I can find a better place to gamble. The other part of me is saying that if I back out of this I will psychologically scare myself from gambling and get run over in the future.Tough to answer without knowing how much resik you're willing to accept n general. I'll often push over the $2 lead here, but I'd fold this to villan's all in almost every time. If you're going to play LAG you need to maximise fold equity while minimizing making weak calls like this. You want to be forcing opponents to make difficult decisions where you have stil have s
  4. Hero bets $50, CO raises to $100, Hero....Shoves and chops most of the time.good luck.
  5. Villain is CO with $48CinciKid is button with $63Dealt to CinciKid T icon_suit_heart.gif T icon_suit_diamond.gifPre-flop -CO Raises to $1.75, CinciKid re-raises to $5.50,Hi, put the crack pipe down.good luck.
  6. I put him on a fairly strong hand at this point and I smoothe callMove in and stop being an idiot.good luck.
  7. Check/call any rasonable sized turn bet and see where you are on the river.Folding this to a big bet against this guy isn't a big deal.good luck.
  8. *** RIVER *** [5 icon_suit_heart.gif 8 icon_suit_heart.gif 5 icon_suit_diamond.gif 2 icon_suit_diamond.gif ] [4 icon_suit_spade.gif ]VILLIAN: bets $5HERO: ...Calls if he's not an idiot.good luck.
  9. You're not good enough to fold KK preflop in any game where people call all in with AK, AQ, AJ, 77, TJs, 33, etc.Stop worrying about it.good luck
  10. I'm betting more on the turn. The river bet's ok, depending on reads I consider check/raising all in here some of the time instead of leading. It seems unlikely he he has the sort of marginal hand that would check behind and still beat us, but fairly likely that he has the sort of marginal hand that will bet if checked to and fold to a substantial raise on this board. I think your lead here just folds a hand we beat most of the time, and lets him make a play with a weaker hand if he reads us correctly.good luck.
  11. Haven't read replies, but lead the flop hard, giving TJs or something a free card on this flop is nightmarishly bad. If he raises you'll have to make a read, if he folds, great, if he just calls, I lead the turn smaller and see what happens.As played, I think you need to lead the turn here. It's a pretty terrible card for you, but if he's any good and you let off the gas now, he's going to win this in positon.good luck.
  12. Fold. Nowhere near close. good luck.Again, I still don't know if I should be calling though.You shouldn't be. Regardless of $EV here, CALLING with AQ is really light. If you had raised more it would make more sense to call, but you didn't, and probably shoudln't have. Why? So you could fold when this happens. You're ahead of a few hands, crushed by a few and close to even money against most things he moves in with here. Yes, he might be weak, but he's often weak with 44 or something. You have too many chips and there isn't enough in the middle to call here.It might be the best hand you
  13. This would be a super light call without at least 1000 more chips. While his move is a pretty standard play with just overcards, so is your folding to it.good luck.
  14. I am 3/21 and reraise 3x BB UTG with AKs, the 4th chipstack in the tourney right after me reraises another 3k. Everyone folds around and I push for over another 18kWHY?good luck.
  15. i'd fold a set of tens there. no problem. smash your an idiot. id wait for a better spot to get my money in, not when someone could have an overset to mine.A better spot like what?Flopping a straight flush?good lcuk.
  16. I had this flop first hand of a MTT last night, but it was against KK, I was all in preflop and the turn was a K.I love pokerstars.good luck.
  17. I play 1 hand of Carribian Stud a week and hope for the best.good luck.
  18. Don't blindly ignore your gut, boys. It's smarter than you think.Definately a lot smarter than yours. Mine would never consider folding 2nd set getting 2 to 1, because I don't play terrfied poker. When I have TT on a T44 flop, I don't take time and think for 15 minutes about if I might be paying off 44.One they thing they didn't know about you though, YOU CAN DODGE BULLETS BABY!good luck.
  19. 12? learn how to count? multiply? add?Relax, Francis.I was joking.good luck.
  20. I'd play them, a lot of dead money in there. Problem is they make you want to shoot yourself when you make it deep and don't final table.Real problem is that I'll ***** to Marion about it and she'll tell me to go write books and make money to support her handbag habbit.good luck.
  21. what else would Hoyt push with on a blind steal?44-99, A7-A9 etc.good luck.
  22. I played in the $50 at windsor today, ended up chopping 2nd and 3rd for a win of $600.$600 for a 2nd/3rd chop of a $50 buy in? How many people entered, twelve?good luck.
  23. we just disagree on our edge, or lack of against villains probabale push-calling range, perhapsI don't think he calls you with anything worse than 40/60 really. I know he calls you with anything beating you.Oh wait, it's an STT?Never mind. I'd push too.My fault.good luck.
  24. Probably thought it was 77.I've done that on occasion. ****ing dyslexia.good luck.
  25. out in 367..theres a raise to 400 from lp i reraise in the sb to 1200 with AKo, he calls, flop comes Q 10 9, i push my last 1200 in he calls with KJ and thats it.. Played it pretty bad i guess.. not upset with my reraise preflopYou should be.good luck.
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