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  1. Do you not think it is a bit of overkill to be pushing here? We have over 11K in chips, and the pot is less than 1500...No, and it's not close at all.good luck.
  2. Open pushing is better.Result's probably the same, but it's still better for a lot of reasons. good luck.
  3. Shove.The.Flop.Why, why, why, wouldn't you move in on this flop?Just why?good luck.
  4. Turn: (t830, 2 players)BB checks, Hero checks.What?Why?
  5. But lately there has been a influx of new players that play any two cards and will chase down to the river, and then get that lucky river card they need.Kill them and get unlucky players to play with.Oddly, there's a fair amount of luck involved in holdem. Even more oddly there's even more luck in tourmanets. The guys at the final table of the WSOP every year, they really *are* the luckiest guys in the tournament that year, not the best players.good luck.
  6. As some of you may know I suck at HUWoah, you're not kidding.good luck.
  7. On any turn?On the flop.Why would you bet that much and not just move in? So you can think about folding getting 4 to1 later?good luck.
  8. I'd like to watch him some more, as I'm still wondering if the maniac LAG behavior was intended to introduce an image that he could leverage later.Of course it was.Anyone I've played less than 1000 hands with is certain I'm a lucky idiot.You have to, have to, have to play back at him preflop if you're going to play. Letting him get enough chips to slow down preflop and start hammering postflop with draws and made hands is a disaster. I play this way every day, sitting with the first buy in play has nothing at all to do with EV it has to do with getting to three or 4 buy ins as quickly as pos
  9. How come you're playing tournaments after all your past negative comments about them?Boredom.They're still for suckers, don't worry.
  10. Poker StarsNo Limit Holdem TournamentBlinds: t25/t509 playersConverterPre-flop: (9 players) Hero is UTG with Hero raises to t250, 3 folds, MP3 calls t250 (pot was t325), CO folds, Button calls t250 (pot was t575), 2 folds.Flop: (t825, 3 players)Hero bets t200, MP3 calls t200 (pot was t1025), Button calls t200 (pot was t1225).Turn: (t1425, 3 players)Hero bets t150, MP3 raises to t400, Button calls t400 (pot was t1975), Hero calls t250 (pot was t2375).River: (t2625, 3 players)Hero checks, MP3 checks, Button checks.Results:Final pot: t2625I know there's a bad beat forum.Comments on the turn ca
  11. I am also assuming a fold by the button. This is the main problem, really. The pot odds you're offering him here if you call this are almost allways too good for him to fold given his stack size and the change in his inflection point if he tripples up. You're awfull shape against almost any 4 random cards barring crazy flukes like them both having AK.good luck.
  12. Im not interested in trying to make huge gains. I just want to be accumulating whatever percent a year while it's sitting around.Buy an S&P 500 index fund with the lowest management fee and then forget about it for a few years.good luck.
  13. Fold, not vaguely close.You should know better by now.good luck.
  14. You realize this doesn't even mean he's ahead for the day, right?good luck.
  15. Commision > rake by a long shot assuming a relatively efficent market.good luck.
  16. I've read the other topics about HU play and I still haven't been able to get a single win. Granted...a couple of those losses where near equal chipstack bad beats against me...but 0-17 is extremely donktastic.More likely just variance.Don't change your game based on 17 results. Change if it you recognise the mistakes you made during the 17 results. If you're really totally lost moving in preflop with any A or any pair and folding everything else will preform better than you if you really are horrible at it, which probably isn't actually the case.Post hands in Strategy if you really want hel
  17. good luckKnock that **** off.Get your own catchphrase.good luck
  18. Was there any way I could have played it different?Nah, sets happen.good luck
  19. I dont even think that matters at this point. Only having 160 more your fold equity is pretty nonexistant. No way you are folding any hand you currently have beatFold equity?The point is that if you're going to move in here you have to move in when you you're allways ahead, too. Unless you're playing this one hand then leaving the table.good luck
  20. Push, but you'd better push when you have 56 too.good luck
  21. Middle Set - Wait For The Turn?To fold? You can go ahead and do that preflop.good luck.
  22. Push to isolate. Calling let's BB move in with AK/AQ or or something, and you'd obviously have to call, if he has some nightmare hand that's killing you, you're still going to have to call anyway, but moving in in front of him makes him a lot less likely to call with overcards. Also you definately don't want to play a flop against anyone with only JJ here. good luck.
  23. These are pretty exciting answers without knowing how many people are left and what the payouts are like.good luck.
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