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  1. As an aside, Smasharoo, I still play a tight aggressive game, I just play fewer speculative hands - and I still raise premium hands pre-flop, I'm just doing so 5-6% of the time vs. 10% of the time. I really think your posts are a little over the top, sprited debate notwithstanding...I'm just trying to help you understand that you're losing money by not raising pre-flop. If you're raising hands like AJs on the button preflop when 5 people limp to you, then all is well. If you're not, it's a horrible leak that's absolutely without question costing you money. If you're not raising AQ in the BB
  2. I have always heard that the great poker players use the theory of Pot Odds when deciding whether or not to make a tough call. It seems to me though, anytime I here someone say they called because of pot odds they almost always have the worse hand. It seems that there is usually a reason why there is so much money in the pot and if you are having to debate for such a long time, that should send warning bells to get out. Please send me your theories on when it is right to call because of "pot odds" or not. Congrats to Daniel on an Excellent year.Understanding pot and implied odds is critical to
  3. You sound like a smart guy, no offense intended.Hey, none taken. Just healthy spirited debate.Wow! If its in a book it must be true!!Naturally not, but let's consider a moment. Which is more likely to be correct, the advice given in a book written by three people who've been playing poker for a combined 60 years or more, one of whom has a Masters in Mathmatics and one of whom attended MIT who have a vested intrest in the readers of their books making money at poker which will lead to them selling more books....OrYour personal opinion based on a small sample set of hands where you're almost c
  4. I just can't describe how much your giving up by limping in with big hands. It's simply amazing that you'd think it could be correct.
  5. lol... I just had to look up what Sklansky would say about this. I referenced "Theory of Poker", Chapter 25, how to play against certain kinds of mistakes. His advice for playing against players who are too loose in the early rounds and then too aggressive later on?"Play solid cards, but play them meekly".I'd give you his e-mail address if you want to argue with him, but I unfortunately don't know it...Yes, he wasn't talking about wht you're talking about. He was talking about playing against loose players who play very well postflop. You're talking about playing BAD players.You misunderstoo
  6. Pardon me for being blunt for a minute, but ahem:Stop the pointless inane whining for the love of god. Are you people serious? You're complaining because you're playing at tables full of bad players?? Get this through your skulls right now:THE ONLY REASON YOU MAKE MONEY AT POKER AT ALL IS BECAUSE OF OTHER PEOPLE'S MISTAKES. THE MORE MISTAKES THEY MAKE THE MORE MONEY YOU MAKE. THE MORE PEOPLE MAKING MISTAKES IN A GAME THE MORE MONEY YOU MAKE FROM THAT GAMEGot it?Bad beats like this DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT lose you money long term. They MAKE you money long term. Firstly, you should have b
  7. That's horrible advice really. You have top pair and the 2nd nut flush draw. Remmeber that in NL it takes LESS to push all in and it does to CALL all in. Your play was fine, his call was marginal unless the overlay from the other limpers was fairly large.
  8. Gee, you think so?Pushing pre-flop is much better if you want to steal here, obviously it wouldn't have owrked in this particular case, but most of the time it will.
  9. This is my own thought w/r/t low limit, but I believe you're better off playing more selectively and raising pre-flop a smaller percentage of time than the "books" will tell you. Primarily because most of the books are written by people who are playing middle to higher limits, where players are capable of folding hands to pre-flop raises.I think you couldn't be more wrong. Most LLHE PF raises are made for value, not to cut down the feild. While it's occasionally benefical to some hands to lessen the number of people seeing a flop, it's ussually more benefical to get more money in while you
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