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  1. btw: do you still think a fold is best after all this time?Nope, but I'm a better tournament player now.It is still closish.good luck.
  2. Hi, totally impossible to answer without payouts in a rebuy. Depedning on the payout you'd fold aces here.good luck.
  3. Oh sorry, I probably play it the same as OP actually.good luck
  4. Let us say you KNOW he only does this with AK or AA.Let's say you grossly overestimate your reads. Should you make a stupid fold?good luck.
  5. -Show’s the bullets.Bless your little heart.good luck.
  6. if the A comes 75% of the time your out-kickedUm...no.good luck.
  7. Just shove with it fold it to all ins or gigantic raises in front of you and stop outplaying yourself. Sometimes people will have AA or KK and call. Sometimes they'll call with coinflips. Sometimes they'll call dominated.Most of the time they'll fold. That's good.It's absolutely posatively not a difficult hand to play early *AT ALL* unless you make it one.good luck.
  8. Exactly, if you read my post, I said set or fold is a dumb strategy to take here. Smash responded that set or fold is +EV. It's not.It is. I realize you'll never understand why, so I'll stop trying now, because it's nowhere near the best play and has just about zero to do with this thread. good luck
  9. This is where I need to have more info than what we have to be convinced. We're down to ten bets already. So maybe we're either early in and we've taken a small shot. In which case, i personally would rather gamble in this spot and try to accumulate chips. I don't know... I'm trying to think of a situation where I would want to make a play for the pot immediately, but the chip stack and blinds don't justify it. I know what you're saying and I will agree w/ it in a number of situations. i'm having a hard time fabricating one right here though.How about when it's 4 handed, you're first to act an
  10. Flop is AdKd2sVillain bets 300Hero calls 300 (pot is 1000)Hero hates money apparently.good luck.
  11. Nope, Open push should be getting called by those big drawing hands. Those big draws that are still about 50% to win.Why wouldn't we open push then if we agree 50% hands are calling when there's any chance they might check it through.good luck
  12. No, it's not.Because it's not a cash game. It's also, again, not the best play.good luck.
  13. Open pushing here is vastly inferior to a C/R if we're worried about people getting pot stuck w/ a draw, which we LOVE.No, we LOVE picking it up now. We're not unhappy to get called with 65% equity, but it's worse than winning it now.good luck.Agreed if we can expect this to go check check often. if we expect a bet 75%+ C/Ring is much better than open pushing into this pot.No, because the change in our inflection point isn't big enough to want to be called by anything compared to winning it now. Not to mention we have to fold if a weaker hand shoves after we check. (Or we should at least).g
  14. Explain how calling with marginal implied odds on the assumption that the villain will always pay us off and never outdraw when we hit our set is +EV.They're not marginal.Let me say for about the 1000th time that it's not the best play, and not how I'd play it, but it's absolutely +EV.Maybe you're missing the dead money in the pot?good luck.
  15. If you want to start taking the pot away when it appears that the flop missed him, the play shifts to +EV, IMO. But true "set or fold" is asinine here.No, it's not. It's not the best play, but it's not -EV.good luck.
  16. I barely started posting in strat yesterday and I can already see my strategy is considerably more aggressive than the regulars here.Yeah checking this flop is super agressive. This is an easy open push. C/Ring is FPS, not agression.good luck.
  17. Actually, it doesn't. Unless you're making the ridiculous assumption that every time you hit a set you're getting all of your opponent's money in the pot, you're not even close to geting the odds for a set or fold play here.No, I figure he'll fold getting almost 2 to 1 all the time so it doesn't matter if I flop one or not. What's he folding when I push with a set?Stop thinking he gets to see my cards and you'll make more money.good luck.
  18. If you hit your set, you're golden, but that doesn't happen nearly often enough to justify a 'set or fold' strategy here. Actually it happens just enough.Not that I'd play it that way.good luck.
  19. Now I have played poker for a while and never really complain about bad beats since I am very used to them. But has anything like this happened to you before within just a few hands?No, never. Hands allways play out exactly as they should. In fact after I win 4 hands where I was 80/20, I just fold the fith one to save money.good luck.
  20. Kind of helps to know what he does on the flop when you're in position here. good luck
  21. Smash,Im guessing this started happening a lot after GSIH was released?No idea. I wasn't really playing enough NL beore it came out to notice.good luck.
  22. This situation always comes up. Usually if you're ahead, you're about 2/1 and if you're behind you're 2/1. so if the villian has it 50% of the time, pushing is a break even scenario.Only if they never, ever, fold.good luck.
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