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  1. weak. there are many that can back up your bet, dear.Hahha, and what, sue?You guys are adorable.good luck.
  2. I have no idea why anyone would play Beal at this point except for PR.There are definately more profitable ways for anyone or group of people with the money to spend it and the time.good luck
  3. as for the lady friend, well, the date was in the proverbial pot. i'll take that bet.Hahah, that would be an exceptionally -EV proposition for you.I'd feel bad about it actually.good luck.
  4. SB checks (phew), BB checks, I bet 750.Shove.good luck.
  5. smash, you're slipping, man. everything ok? lady problems? need to talk about it?Well, not material to work with, you see. Hard to hit homeruns when you're bring pitched eggs, if you know what I'm saying.Marion's a big girl and she can do whatever she wants but I'd lay 1000/1 she doesn't go on a date with any of you cute little guys.Once you go 'Roo, nothing else will do.good luck
  6. i've decided your post could be fixed in such a way as to be more accurateWow, the stench of frustrated beta-males around here is almost overpowering.Hahha, man I'm the greatest.good luckoh well, i guess i keep the date and impregnate marion, then?Hahaha. Ahahahaha.You in a room with a woman, and not flacid. Now THAT was funny! Ahh you guys kill me.good luck.
  7. It seems I've FINALLY figured out how to (kind of) play the game.No. You're running well. It allways feels that way. When you run badly it allways feels like you have no idea what's going and that you're a complete idiot.Welcome to poker.good luck.
  8. i think you need to say why you aren't leading the turn and that can be discussedToo look like a mossed flush draw and induce a bet from a hand that folds if we lead.I understand the play, I just don't do it because I'd rather get folds with air than get people to bet into my made, but marginal hands.good luck.
  9. What Do You Do With J-j Herre?StopThink bets $6, kobbar folds, --arrows-- calls $6Not that.good luck.
  10. I usually bet the flop here, but I was playing really lag I decided to play it a bit more retarded to make less moneyTry to stop doing that.Shoving this flop looks much weaker than checking it.good luck.
  11. He said he had 2 pair, my question is, would you have smooth called his bet on the turn or reraised like i did?I'd definately just call so half the deck could leave me with no visability on the river and I'd have a chance to fold the best hand if I made a bad read.good luck
  12. Not that this will surprise anyone, but I shove about .01 miliseconds after BB checks.good luck.
  13. The end result was: Me, being the wuss that I am, scared of all the possiblities on the board, ended up folding. Yes, I'm sure most of you are yelling at me right now. Sorry. I'm not really comfortable playing no limit yet. I'm a limit brat first and foremostYour fold's fine.It's your flop play that sucks. Don't realize you made a mistake and then pick the wrong part of the hand.good luck
  14. i probably dont get to tricky here and callTricky?By doing what, exactly? Juggling torches before you fold?good luck
  15. i lose.FYP.Never funny.Still considered a criteria on the DSM-IV TR checklist for mental retardation, however.good luck
  16. I'm leading this turn 99% of the time.good luck
  17. youre pot-commitedNo you aren't.I'd call out of curiosity mainly.good luck.
  18. that would have been both funny and pertinent, say, 8 years ago.Probably not.good luck
  19. $100 CAN? I'm sure I can outbid that, I must have a US nickel around here somewhere...good luck
  20. and then borrowing money.:)good luck
  21. Straights probably lose the more money in 7stud than any other hand. That said, you're 3rd and 4th street calls are only a little light, and the rest looks fine. Calling on 5th if it was bet though, would have been pretty nightmarishly bad, but you probably knew that allready.good luck.
  22. Haha, not at all.Now if you had an enorumus...well never mind.good luck.
  23. Wow, 900000 words to say "learn to trust your reads".good luck.
  24. Non of you have enough money. Trust me on this.:)good luck
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