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  1. Is it just me or is the half/face sunglass image at the top of every FCP page look like the guy with the glasses has a black eye? One too many check raises to the guy who missed his riddlin?Sunglasses = CoolSunglasses to hide black eyes = A Call to Home Health Services...Just my $.02...Luke
  2. I think it's totally possible to launch a massive buy-in poker event to compete/complement the WSOP. The biggest issue is not who "wants" to do it, but which group "gets" to do it. As various named players have gathered under various banners, each banner would probably like to run the thing, but then players from the other banners wouldn't go.It would probably take a namebrand that's above the current banners to pull it off (or a new one with lots of marketing dollars).I would suggest a format something like...- 64 players. 8 tables of 8. Each table plays down to a winner. That gives you 9 goo
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