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  1. Using that logic, I think you played it well too. The fact that all those players had clubs as well may have boosted the pot a bit but you still didn't get as much as you could have, but at least they had something to play with. Despite that, well played and nice hand sir.
  2. There's no problem with being a homer, as long as you're willing to be critical when you have to be. Most announcers don't have the balls to rip their team when they mess up. Do the White Sox announcers do that? No. Do the Yankees announcers do that? F**k no. A guy could strike out on 3 pitches down the middle and they'll call it the greatest at-bat ever. They'll call a guy "clutch" for just leading off the game with a single.Meanwhile, guys like Diamondbacks announcer Thom Brennaman (who also does games for FOX) will openly question moves by coaches if he thinks it deserves to be questi
  3. FYPIf I hear "you can put it on the board..yes!" one more time, I'm gonna shoot my TV.
  4. Not only is Any Bloch a nobody, but look back to that 50K HORSE event and how he reacted to the marked cards on day 1 of the event. He had a right to be unhappy, but to take the deck and start messing with it himself is ridculous. He's totally out of his ****ing mind. Of anyone of the 7, he's the one I have the least respect for (read: I have no respect for him).
  5. I played there in late June, looking at her took some of the sting away from not being able to catch cards at all in the 2-4 limit holdem game.
  6. My problem with their argument involving Full Tilt is that the other 3 plaintiffs are involved with sites that sponsored WPT events in the past (Duke with UB and Poker Stars with Hachem and Raymer) has bluedom mentioned. I know the Aruba event is off of the calendar for this season, but not sure about the PS event.Plus, WPT's own Mike Sexton is the spokesman for Party Poker, which sponsored the WSOP this year, a rival TV show (that's how he got in to the TOC).The creditability argument won't work in this case.
  7. To me, it's just the WSOP ME that's become a joke because it's the big one. The only way that could possibly change is if they bump the buyin up to $25K or more.But if you think all tournament poker is crap, you know who to blame for that- television and online poker sites. TV popularized the game and online poker made it possible for all the donks to come out and play.
  8. I can't disagree with any of the comments here, except for those liking Sam Kinneson and Larry the Cable Guy (yelling for no reason and saying "Git er dun" all the damn time isn't funny).I will just suggest to everyone that sometimes, the best comedy isn't what's on TV but is done in the local clubs by people that are just starting out and/or haven't been discovered yet. I have been to quite a few shows here in the Phoenix area and seen a few people who are pretty damn good, one of whom was shown on NBC's Last Comic Standing- Josh McDermitt (though his style is one that has to grow on people
  9. If he was American, I'd say you're right. But I think his focus might have been more on the international side of things, starting with his home country. It would've been cool to see him in the Heads Up event, since he really didn't do much heads up play in the ME (heads up lasted 5 hands, I believe). Hopefully, he'll have it on his calendar for next year.
  10. Normally, I'd say something to him. But if he's going to berate you like that, don't tell him anything. Let him live in his own stupidity.
  11. Right now, the line to bust this guy out of all $12 million is a few miles long. And I think we're all in it.
  12. Can't complain about how Hachem did. He had his distinctive look and personality, both of which are important. It that regard, he did better than Raymer did.But what's more important to me is how Hachem, like Raymer, backed up his WSOP win and made himself a legitimate champion, something that I doubt Jamie Gold will be able to do.
  13. Maybe have it be one day PLO and the other 2 taping days NLHE. At least test out the reaction of the audience and see what the average joe thinks (meaning people not like us). They already took a slight risk putting a cash game on TV, what do they have to lose?
  14. First, Allen will be acting before Gold in most hands. Allen will be in seat 5 and Gold in seat 8 (cardplayer and pokerpages both say this).Second, Raymer had a more massive chip lead (compared to the rest of the table) in 2004 compared to what Gold has, at least at first glance. Plus he was probably the 2nd best player at the table next to Dan Harrington (you could argue whether Arieh and/or Williams was better than Raymer or not because it was fairly close among those 3, IMO).Lastly, I looked it up a moment ago. Matusow was 4th in chips entering the final table last year and was more of a
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