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  1. ^^^^^^^Already explained this, and still waiting for a comment.
  2. I have two questions to ask on this topic #1 does that fact that this is a MTT and not a cash game effect the ruling at all_ Because from what I know you have to show a winning hand in a tourney to win a pot because this prevents against collusion forms like chip dumping. As you all know in a tourney a pot against two players affects all the players at the table as well as in the entire tourney. In cash games thats not the case, the other players at the table are not negatively effected by chip dumping. In a tourney like the OP was playing I believe the ruling would be a split pot, but mayb
  3. Seattle Slew, War Admiral, Thunder Gulch, Winning Colors, Monarchos, Real Quiet, Silver Charm, and Affirmed are a few off the top of my dome.
  4. Yea, the season sucked except for the last set of players but you have to realize that if they don't invite fish, and instead only relatively unknown (to the public) sickly good players ie. Townsend and Brad Booth, then the big name players like Doyle and Barry won't play because they aren't going to play if the game isn't good for them, and that would hurt the ratings. Thats why at the end of the show all the sick players were in the game at the same time like Patrick, Booth, Townsend and Jdags, the show invited them but said they had to play against each other. This is why Doyle and Barry
  5. Seadog was last to act and checked behind Phil.
  6. Yea, he said it in his P5s podcast. He also said he used to play mostly LHE, and has only been strictly a NL player for a little over a year.
  7. Let's get the facts of the hand straight. David Williams raised Brad re-raised to around 6k with 24 of spades and I think Phil re-raised to something like 15 or 16k with KK. Flop came down 3-6-7 with one spade giving Brad a gutshot straightdraw and a back-door flush draw. Ivey bet and Brad shoved all-in. Conclusion, Brad Booth= big set of stones
  8. That kid scares me. The closest i came to hurting myself was after getting busted in a tourney once I yelled some expletives like always and then had real bad chest pains and shortness of breath... and I'm only 5'9" 145 pounds.
  9. As far as value goes I think it all depends on what you're best at and how bad your opponent is. But if you're playing low limit hold'em then i think sng is def the best choice for value; NL is probably a little closer. Needless to say I voted for SNG for both, but thats just my opinion.
  10. I had a pet snake and his tank was right next to my computer. When I took a bad beat he would be the first one to know about it. He was a good snake, and I enjoyed the 6 months I had him. Then, 5 days ago he died. 3 days later I won my first MTT, a $3r on Fulltilt. After I won the first thing that came to my mind was dissappointment that my snake could not be there to celebrate with me. He listened to all the distraught of my losing poker sessions, and he died right before I finally succeeded. Anyway, this is a true story, and I thought it would make you feel better...
  11. Foulky


    Anyone know where I can see the latest episode online?
  12. Talk about a gift, Thompson might be running for the Mississippi after that blowup.
  13. Yea, but everytime they update the chip count Daniel is increasing his stack by a nice amount. The way he's playing right now the longer they go without knocking out the 7th place finisher, the better for him because he is obviously using this TV bubble to methodically increase his stack. Against Average Joe's we could probably assume he was doing so by just taking pot after pot with any two napkins, but with Kido and JC at the table you would think this would be harder to accomplish. I'm interested to see if daniel says anything about his final table play in his blog.
  14. Found it... 3rd time's the charm i guess don't know how i missed it before... i guess this thread can be locked now.
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