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  1. [ Folding when you have invested all the way in Limit where the bet is always a set amount be it 2 or 3 bets if you by chance would have had the best hand is a HUGE mistake. While calling when you were beat with a possible 1/2 the pot hand at the river is a small mistake.
  2. Ok, I understand betting out on the flop knowin the next guy to act will raise with low only, but that is a very risky play. If you play long enough you will find out any set below top set is behind often. Also, after everyone called 2 bets reraising doesn't make much sense being that not only did low draw flop, but open ended str8 draws out there as well. Then you stay in actually make a str8 on the rvr and fold when you are playing limit? I'm sorry not to be rude, but I think you played this whole hand very badly
  3. I just wanted to say I've been reading your blogs for years now and I check daily for updates. I love this blog and love how you state anything and everything that may be on your mind. I think you are the best poker player out there (IMO) and definitely have the best personality by far. I hope you continue to write the blog, but whatever you decide to do in life just know I will always be a big fan of yours. Best of Luck at the tables and in Life!P.S. DON'T QUIT THE BLOG!............lol
  4. Funniest blog ever!!!!!! My sides are hurting from laughing so hard!!!!!! I love it when you are messing with somebody and they don't pick up on it. It only seems to make it that much more fun to continue doing so. Then it doesn't stop from location to location, person to person. LMAO!!!
  5. Who woudl you call when anything happens to you or your property?Yeah thats what i thought...shut up!I guess I could call the cops. Then an hour later when they were done eating their donuts and decided to show up. I could waste an hour of my life telling them what happened while listening to them moan and groan about having to file a report. On the other hand if I commit some serious crime like not wearing my seatbelt I'm sure they would be swift in pulling me over and giving me a fine. I'll shut up now so your mouth can keep going and going and going............LMAO
  6. LMAO............ Always has to be some sensitive a$$ who takes a statement about cops in general and makes it personal. :roll:
  7. That's hillarious. I could almost see DN with the monacle and all. :green: Speaking of how pros dress my friend just got back from Vegas and seen several players. The one that stuck out though was Eskimoe Clark. He said he seen him in the Bellagio wearing stained up jeans and a t-shirt with holes in it!
  8. It was a cop. He probably doesn't even know what he meant. HAHAHA!
  9. Wish I could be there! Stuck with kids all weekend wife is going to Chi-town. How sick is that? I'll be stuck here in Fort Wayne, IN. I am definitely interested in #3 though. Resorts is just a hop and a skip> :wink:
  10. It seems like a double edged sword to me. I would enjoy having my sharing my interest/obsesion with poker, but on the other hand I don't think I would like having to factor in the variance of my wife losing some of my bankroll!
  11. I agree with the rest of you. I think the "Sheik" is a prick and has no respect for anyone other than himself. I also rooted for him in the hand against that Tiffany chick though. She was one of the most lucky and ultimately annoying players in the final rounds of the Main Event in my opinion. :?
  12. Mike for sure. I just can't stand Phil's personality.
  13. I don't know about the rest of you, but buying in for a million $ let alone losing $440,000 and being able to talk aout it with out even really complaining is impresive. I've been reading his blog and watching this forum for some time now and I must say, Watching D. N. play is amazing. Out of all the pros that you see, you seldom see anyone make so many correct reads lose so many times in a row and yet still wear a smile and be extremely polite to those around him. My hat is off to you Danny and I appreciate how you make me feel like I am one of your equals. I truly believe with your kind na
  14. The show is suppose to air January 16 @ 9pm on GSN :-)
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