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  1. I've made several withdrawals by check from UB. Not by courier though. Never had a problem. Can take a little while to process but once realeased it only takes about a week or so to get to me in Australia.
  2. http://www.pokertrackerguide.com/$20 but well worth it.
  3. February 6 according to amazon. But they have set the date back twice so far...
  4. FCP uses the same player base as Poker Room. I think you can see the money games on Poker Room without having a real money account with them.
  5. The Rake at Crown Casino is 10%. That's not the worst ever is it? You don't have to tip either. I'm quite sure there is no seat charge. I think your thinking of Star City in Sydney. They charge $1 per hand at the 1-2 NL game! The games are very soft at Crown. The 4/8 game resembles .25-.50 online.
  6. Does anybody here know Jennicide's user name for PokerStars?
  7. A complete contrast to the IGN review:http://www.gamerankings.com/itemrankings/l...reviewid=614745
  8. Check out Thomas Keller's articles on the Cardplayer website. He has just recently done two articles on this topic.
  9. I think the hand you are talking about was where Barry raised (or re-raised, I'm not sure) and Daniel had QJs. I really believe this wasn't tilting. This is Daniel's style. He LOVES suited connectors. He LOVES to take flops with them. It's not tilt, he is just trying to hit a big flop and bust Barry. In fact, I wouldn't be suprised if he called here with a hand like 75s. He also mentions in one of the off table interviews that Barry almost always bets the flop after raising before the flop. So I think this makes the call even better. If he misses the flop, he just folds. If he hits a
  10. I'm not a fan of Gabe's commentating. He seems to be a nice guy, and fairly entertaining at times, but his thoughts on what the players are thinking and doing is very inacurate. The best I've heard commentating is Howard Lederer by far! Every other commentator has no idea what the pros are doing. What I like about Howard is he can still commentate, even though the style he is describing is not his own style. Take the Poker at the Plaza tourney. Daniel plays a very different style than Howard, yet Howard could still give you an idea as to what Daniel is up to. I think it's the next thing
  11. It seemed to me that from all of the episodes so far, Daniel was happier to run it twice when he was the dog, but only wanted to run it once when he was the fav.
  12. Yeah I got it. I think I was a little early. (and impatient)
  13. Have a look in the "Poker On TV" forum.
  14. Download BitComet from www.bitcomet.comInstall it and open the the program. Click the "Open" button at the top, then search for the torrent file that you downloaded earlier. Open that and it should start downloading.Once it's completed, you can find it in "My Computer", "Program Files", "BitComet", "Downloads".
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