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  1. not gonna matter anyways, no chance people use common sense and let sports happen. we're in for a long, boring, hellish life until next spring.
  2. that's so brutal for most guys. i guess you have to commit to being on there for the long haul and being ready for repeated failures before that lightning bolt strikes.
  3. oh you better believe it. i got no more than 20 emails yesterday and a normal day is around 200. i have some time off later this month, but stll have 4 weeks to use up after that. our managers are all freaking out that if we do go back to the office people are just going use it all then. my boss told me that i needed to get my planned days off to her this week, same for everyone else, so she can make sure we'll have proper coverage later in the year.
  4. yeah im obviously a conservative, but i would find it very difficult to be with someone that was a huge trump supporter. i can't even imagine that. i would prefer that to a huge bernie person, but not by much.
  5. you had 36 hours to view it. gotta step up your game brvy.
  6. thats big time news, sir, congratulations.
  7. thanks jack waltz. the friend works at my co-workers husband's office (Dental assistant) and said something about me after she cleaned my teeth. i said i wasn't ready to start dating because its dangerous to tell a lady in her 40s that a 40 year old is too old for me. another lady i worked with is a big democrat, and she is on a progressive council or something. anyways, they were having an event at the casino back in february, and she texted me as she knows i am up there most saturdays. i happened to be there so i went down to see her and she introduced me to her friend.
  8. thanks, not sure that is true. but even if it is my personality more than cancels it out. i dont feel uneasy anymore about WFH. i think it is the future. the bank is saving huge money not letting us travel, take clients out and finding that most of the clients dont care at all. but i'm gonna play it safe at least through the winter. one of the ladies at work tried to set me up with a friend last year. the friend was 40 with a 14 year old kid. i had to pass on that. i'm not going older than me, and certainly not getting involved with a lady with a teenager. i'm far too immature for t
  9. im on the far left. that is my dad and my grandpa.
  10. i guess i have to come to grips with the fact that my job can be done from anywhere so long as i have WIFI and my cell phone. and i think it may actually be working better for the clients too, they get more calls from the teams now than before since everyone is home and not wasting as much time with other office things we don't need. I'm hoping the Bank will let me go WFH forever so i can keep this job and move to vegas. it really is sad what women have to deal with on these things. even beyond the dick pics and general dbags you got morons coming in with racial guilt as well.
  11. work announced we are officially WFH thought September 7. Possible we go back on the 8th, but they would have to let us know by August 9 for that, so very unlikely given current trends we go back even then. if they commit to WFH through next spring i might have to air BNB a warm weather place for a month in the winter.
  12. she knows more than she is letting on. unless she doesn't have the internet.
  13. come into contact with? so they don't live together. did they eat together? ride in a car? what? i feel like that is important to knowing if you should be that worried.
  14. Hank, get that NERD shit out of here. we talking babes. you should buy a house not build one, you aint jesus, you aint no carpenter. start, you never know my man. i'll keep my fingers crossed for good things only. i need to get back on the app. might have my brother snap some photos of me this weekend so i can get TO WORK.
  15. that is very familiar to my experience last fall. girl was half korean, never used the app before. on sunday, when i leaned in to kiss her she gigled and said she was nervous. but we did kiss. by wednesday she was modeling her lingerie for me. wild times man. obviously i blew it but she was pretty crazy. so hot though. i should call her.
  16. obviously there are massive disagreements among the people as to these statues. the government, therefore, should do it's job and keep the peace. take them down, by all means, but you cannot allow mobs to roam and destroy public and private property without consequence. a society must have rules, or it ceases to be a society at all.
  17. personally i find the need to tear down certain statutes pointless, but so long as it is done by the proper channels i'm not going to lose any sleep. i think a statue of honest abe is a bridge too far, some think it's well past time. as long as we can peacefully disagree and move forward aint really no thang. when i looked it up on wikipedia i didnt notice it was referring to a DC statue, but i would say my logic still holds true. perhaps a new statute, one of lincoln shaking hands with Frederick Douglass could be erected in its place.
  18. https://www.cnn.com/2020/06/23/politics/kentucky-new-york-primary-voting/index.html "Adams and Democratic Gov. Andy Beshear have repeatedly pointed out that the state allowed everyone to vote by mail after it delayed its March primary due to the coronavirus pandemic." https://nypost.com/2020/06/23/louisville-voters-bang-on-doors-to-vote-at-citys-sole-polling-site/ "Adams estimated that total voter turnout would surpass 1 million, including roughly 800,000 from mailed ballots. That figure would shatter the previous record of 922,456 primary voters set in 2008, when Barack
  19. As Im sure you can guess, i am opposed to tearing down the statutes. if a municipality wants them down, vote on it as reps of the people. do not allow mobs to topple them. very simple concept. and it should be talked about on fox news and wherever, but that is not as important as honest coverage of this virus. i used to distract myself from this kind of thing with sports and gambling, but now there is nothing but the incessant negativity of the media. it really is overwhelming, especially for those of us who have no one to talk to each day.
  20. like i said previously, the average age for a positive test has gone way down - this is good, as young people are going to beat this thing easily. the media is obviously complicit in trumping up fear (trumping used on purpose). the stats are pretty obvious at this point. I mean, some jackass health official in new york pointed out how florida had 9,000 positive tests in one day and the most NYC ever had was 8,000 something. what a complete fraud. it was something like 8,000 positive out of 22,000 tests in NYC, and 9,000 positive out of 80,000 tests in florida. not to mention the death to
  21. good for you, sir. will you wear a mask? just curious. I havent worn one yet. i did buy one last night becuase it seems to me they will become mandatory at some point, though enforcement will be selective i'm sure. only places i go are to target and the grocery store and it's about 50/50 mask v. no mask. the number of people i see wearing them but they have their nose exposed the whole time or they are touching it constantly is much higher than it should be, but most people are incredibly stupid. i'm starting to think i'll be working at home through next spring, which would be a y
  22. there's no real alternative to making it known that if you are at risk you need to make a choice - stay isolated or accept the risk. for many, the risk will be worth it, and some of those people will die. the rest of us must carry on and prevent further collateral damage. a few outliers will die, of course, but that is true every day. sad to say, hard to accept, but we all die eventually. Maybe we can keep people in nursing homes safer. if new york had done that things would look significantly different.
  23. i don't think we'll be taking any chinese studies seriously. If there is a drastic decrease in the average age of someone dying from the Rona then we can all freak out. so long as the average death age is over 80 then the old people who want to need to stay tightly locked away at home, and we don't let Cuomo be in charge of nursing home policies, and we'll be doing all we can do. the world cannot be shut down forever. time to face the music for everyone else.
  24. good luck getting the average person to lock down again. the media and government blew its wad on that one. we're gonna face the music and let the chips fall where they may.
  25. i'm shocked by Trump's restraint at quelling these riots. i would have thought for sure he'd send in the troops and put them down hard and fast. probably smart not to though.
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