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  1. you got any musings from a man who is tired of the rona virus? something timely and topical might land better next time.
  2. sorry for your loss, nap. none of us said any one death is not a big deal to the family, but when you're talking policy for 400 million people the individual feelings of the deceased's family members can't take precedence over the data. my aunt has been in the hospital for over a month with covid. she might not get out. that doesn't change my feelings on our national response. my mother will be devastated to lose her older sister, my grandmother to lose her first born child two years after losing her husband of 60 plus years. but the saddest fact of life is we're all going to di
  3. i'm not buying the ponzi scheme, but the suckers are eating it up. i'll stick with my gold coins i bought off an infomercial on PBS. money is safe and secure boys.
  4. just got to the episode where Amber dies. i had forgotten the whole thing. fvckin great tv.
  5. hey time can put a hurting on people.
  6. number 13 still excites me sexually, even after all these years.
  7. currently negative 2. they say it feels like negative 20, but i wouldnt know, i havent been outside in days.
  8. brvy, just because we're all dead now doesn't mean the rules no longer apply. 1.9 trillion demerits for you. ESSAY'S TOP FIVE MEDICAL/DOCTOR TV SHOWS 1. HOUSE MD 2. Scrubs 3. MASH 4. NIP/TUCK 5. E.R. those are the only ones i've seen. i dont really remember ER but i remember thinking it was good when it was on, back in the day.
  9. no system can result in perfect outcomes for everyone, so we must endeavor to design out systems to maximize good for the highest number of people. trans youth do not deserve preferential treatment at the expense of the 99.9 percent. we could change the rules of every sport so that those with cerebral palsy are allowed to compete and penalize everyone else to make the game fair, but that isn't really the point of sports. and they certainly shouldn't allow me to compete in the special olympics because i can be OCD about color patterns and cleaning the kitchen counters. common sense needs
  10. me too, just do what you do and don't talk to me about it, i always say. i tell you what though, it's a good thing i would never hurt myself or be suicidal as i fear death above all things and want to live forever, but every time i see PENN NATIONAL GAMING STOCK i want to ram my head into a brick wall. for the rest of my life there will never be another fvck up like this. if i just put in a market order for 10k instead of a limit order at 4.50 i probably get 2000 or so shares that day. it's trading at 120 plus today and i should punch myself in my useless dick and balls.
  11. i havent even seen malcolm x, though im sure denzel was great. i remade the list after watching "The Little Things," which i thoguht was good but not great. Then i wasted "Safe House," which i enjoyed, and you just realize Denzel and Tom Cruise are just atop the mountain of movie stars of the past 30 years. they are so good.
  12. Essay's Top Ten Denzel Washington Movies 1. Unstoppable 2. Crimson Tide 3. Training Day 4. Man on Fire 5. The Equalizer 6. Book of Eli 7. Glory 8. Inside Man 9. American Gangster 10. Courage Under Fire
  13. see, this is why we have a problem. i can acknowledge someone's right to be whatever they want so long as they aren't hurting anyone, but they don't get to tell me 2+2 = 5 and call me a bigot for stating a universal truth - men and women are the not the same, and one cannot simply become the other, no matter what they do to their bodies. cut off your dick for all you want, i don't give a ****. take hormones, wear dresses, be happy. but you aren't a woman in the way a born woman is a woman, and you never will be. no amount of PC bullshit is going to change that.
  15. i would agree, the occurence of either case is very rare, which is why the topic annoys me. it is being used to push a culture war and paint people like me as bad people. but as to why they do it, i don't really care. i dont think we need to base the rules around the outlier. i feel bad for transgender people, i really do. it must be insanely discomforting to feel so confused about who you are. but my sympathy ends when you start demanding i agree with your every viewpoint. I do agree wholeheartedly that the issue is completely overblown. we never needed bathroom laws or any of tha
  16. what is the prevalence of these truly gray area cases cause by genetic or biological from birth differences? and how many of those cases are competing in sports and gaining advantage so serious the competition is disrupted? the controversy is not about the one in whatever number of people have 5-alpha-reductase deficiency, it's about preventing johnny who becomes sally at age 15 and starts dominating the races. we shouldn't abandon women's sports in the name of being politically correct. the answer to this problem is easy - common sense. the people who are gaming the system, eve
  17. it seems pretty easy to me. if you were born a man, you play against men. women against women. it's just crazy enough to work.
  18. been looking for this photo for like a week.
  19. no, i simply pointed out what would be the mirrored opposite of current dem politicians talking points - adding DC and PR as states to ensure a majority. Cocaine Mitch did not advocate for that and therefore he has not done anything to the level of what the dems are floating now. luckily a few non communists still reside in that party and are holding them back for now, but the inevitable result is the end of the filibuster on all legislation at some point. which is a damn shame. come on now brvy, joey biden has really changed everything in the last week. the virus was always going to
  20. well argued by you as always. i dont know what you're referring too, but purposefully manipulating media to distort images to play into racial stereotypes would be racist, of course. i didnt hear that accusation and i am on twitter every day, so you'll have to point it to me if you want me to comment on the specific instance. but that clearly isn't an example i would use, but, perhaps, might be a victim (if ignored by some) of my main point - in that when you call everything you dont like and everyone who is opposite you racist the accusation loses its power.
  21. joe biden calling it racist and xeonphobic was out there. so were new york leaders saying similar things. people on cnn. if you didnt see it you didnt want to. but then again, the response to everything these days is to call it racist. the accusation has no meaning anymore. these are just the ones i found in two minutes from the last few days. i'm sure i could find hundreds more from similarly minded "progressives." they know that if the eliminate the filibuster and add states its all over for constraints on their power. t
  22. sure sure. communism is terrible, but man its cool how they have control over their people. i didnt say nothing could/should be done. i said no matter what we do some people will die and not accepting that is a product of the media and bad politics. i'm old enough to remember trump banning flights from china and being called a racist. the good old days.
  23. haha, are you suggesting america should be more like Hong Kong, a territory that is under the control of a communist dictatorship that is currently losing most of its personal freedoms? not great, bob.
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