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  1. i still have my three series. and i have been pretty lucky so far. In five years there have been no major costs. and with that my tranny will blow tomorrow for sure. AND NOT IN A GOOD WAY AM I RIGHT DUTCH.
  2. 5 series? get ready for some maintenance costs.
  3. Nap, did you ever get that money or what?
  4. After careful and thoughtful consideration, i am revising my list on top ten pro wrestlers. I have watched literally dozens of hours of clips this past year, and need to make some further revisions. ESSAY'S TOP TEN PRO WRESTLERS 1. Ric Flair 2. Stone Cold Steve Austin 3. Hulk Hogan 4. John Cena 5. The Rock 6. Macho Man Randy Savage 7. HHH 8. Randy Orton 9. The Undertaker 10. Brett Hart
  5. missed you, buddy. how is life in your neck of the woods?
  6. sucks to get old bro. sucks that this place has finally died. i never thought i'd see the day, not really.
  7. Only thing new for me is something is wrong with my shoulder. I woke up one morning and I couldn’t lift my arm at all. It’s gotten better, and I can move it but it’s weak. I can’t lift any weight. Getting old sucks. the second shot of the vaccine ****ed me up. I felt bad for like a week. Made me regret getting it to be honest with you bros.
  8. I love you to brvy. Was I The only one who couldn’t access the forum for the last 30 days? It kept telling me the connection wasn’t private and my browser wouldn’t let me visit the site. Weird shit.
  9. did you give your kids an allowance? if you gave them 10 a week, why not 20? It's a combination of so many factors it would be hard to explain exactly why, but the basics are size of the trust, need of the beneficiary, prudence of providing the support. this particular person has a documented history of being bad with money, so my primary goal is preservation so that monthly support can last as long as possible. 3000 a month is around 3.6 percent of the trust per year. take fees and other costs and call it 5 percent a year spent. we should be able to maintain that level of distribution
  10. i wouldn't use the word interesting. there was an argument over the transfer of a "special trustee" power provision to a beneficiary himself. I am on the side of the intent is clear that he cannot serve as his own "special trustee" based on the way it is written and the power granted to any then acting "Special trustee." essentially being if there is a "special trustee" acting this special person can only approve or reject the recommendation of the independent trustee (me) on any distribution to the beneficiary. the "special trustee" cannot override me, or change my recommendation, only rejec
  11. you got one right, the other not so much. scram is back in jail, for killing tanner actually. what a story that is!
  12. this team is rounding into shape. i like what im seeing here boys.
  13. well the attitude era was better than the golden era, but hogan and savage did do great work in their time. i wonder when strat will forgive ronny and come back. damn shame what ronny did to strat.
  14. brvy is probably disappointed though. so close to meeting the big guy.
  15. that's ten demerits right there buddy. sly is an all time legend.
  16. Essay's Top Ten Slyvester Stallone Movies 1. Rocky 4 (the greatest movie of all time) 2. Rocky 3 3. Over the Top 4. Demolition Man 5. Judge Dredd 6. Tango and Cash 7. Cobra 8. Rocky 2 9. First Blood 10. Daylight
  17. look at brvy, caving like a sheep. not me, boys. i know what to do here. seriously though i'll be getting my vaccine soon. though i do hate needles and im a little scared.
  18. Three 32 inchers? Brvy you size queen. i fvckin love it. i need to do that. i'd have to get a bigger desk though. also dont stop eating. you need your strenght in battle.
  19. dynamite drop in, monty. brvy will be fine. jesus has his back. anyone here use a monitor mount for their work from home station? I'm going to build a new one i think, for after i "go back to the office" so i can work from home whenever i want. and i like the idea of a dual monitor mount system, maybe even three.
  20. of course i've seen Ozark, i'm not some loser who hasn't seen Ozark. i was probably the first person to see it, i'm very important and special. as for the oscars, were there even any movies released last year. i never heard of any of that shit. probably pure garbage.
  21. i've been watching Yellowstone. what a great show. Costner is the man in this one.
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