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  1. i really hope they are right about fast tracking the regulation of online poker. if this really happens, the games are going to be much juicier in the coming years.From the above article: Kim Lund's quote really stuck out:
  2. This doesn't seem like a great idea to me. Having multiple accounts is against the site rules anyways.I was just watching some Fox News, and they had a segment on it that made things sound really bad. Like online poker was already completely dead. Would our government be so stupid to actually shut this down forever? Especially with all the debt talk going on right now....
  3. i was able to update just now, so give it a try again if you are still having trouble.
  4. is there an alternate site where i can get the latest full tilt version? i need to update but can't....
  5. i moved to my desktop from my laptop b/c i thought my connection was messed up. i get logged on finally after an update and find myself sitting with KK and clock counting down...so i raised and got disconnected again
  6. people are breaking down at my table now. it's becoming a zoo!
  7. was up to 6k, but back down to 2600 @ 3rd break...
  8. was down to 700 a little while ago, but grinded my way back to 2300. i actually feel lucky to be in it still. had a couple great draws that never panned out.
  9. yup, i'm in. haven't won a hand yet except some blinds pick-ups. sitting at 2600 at first break.
  10. 20 bucks shipped from grgimpy on FTP....thanks
  11. Twins rule and it is only going to get better in the next few years. They have so much young talent, and the series sweep of the white sux only proves how hungry they are.
  12. The only point I was trying to make is that if you loan a stranger money on an internet forum, no matter how popular they may be, you cannot expect to see a return on that money. I know giving out $5 stakes has been pretty popular in the past few months, but giving out money that is substantial to yourself to a stranger seems unreasonable to me. I'm sorry the OP lost him money. Also, thanks for calling me a ****ing idiot. That's great someone has helped you out in the past.
  13. He is a trusted member, but the OP knows only him name and location? I understand the process. Have any of you met him in person? I guess if I gave someone $50 and expected anything in return, I'd like to know a little more about them.
  14. Sorry to be a dick, but you gave money to a stranger on the internet. Why would you do this if you were expecting anything in return?
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