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  1. with the way you played the flop and turn your river call is pretty automatic. Like everyone is saying, you should play faster on the flop imo because it is 1) the place where you will get the most value from hands that you beat and 2) your decisions on the turn/river are essentially pure guesses where you are basically either 100% or 0% to win the hand. The opportunities for mistakes to be made on the turn and river are almost always with you and not your opponent, whereas pushing the flop gives that opportunity to him.
  2. oh, but order a few beers and joke around with the guys or they wont want to play with you once they realize what you're doing. They seem to want to have fun and gamble, so you should try to cultivate that image too... even if you aren't.
  3. weird, I totally disagree with the people who are telling you to buy-in short and limp a lot. Regardless of how much you buy in for yourself, with a $40 effective stack even a single limp represents 5% of your max-win. If I were going to play in that game I would buy in for a few hundred dollars and play pretty tight, but ridiculously aggressive. Just wait for 99+ or AJ/AQ+ and jam on them. If they want to gamble with you, fine. But there's no reason to gamble with them. There's no value trying to get speculative when most of the chips are going in PF anyways. The only time you would po
  4. In my mind this is a fairly standard fold in most live 1/2 situations. I think that you put yourself in a bit of a bind here by playing your hand too slowly after the flop. By playing so weakly you will find yourself very often on the river thinking, "well, villain doesn't think I have anything so he is trying to steal the pot." The hand you seem to be repping is QQ and appear afraid of the king... so villain must be trying to bluff you. It becomes easy to talk yourself into an overcall that way.Unfortunately, in a live game with weak players it is much more likely that the villain will be
  5. I would probably check that river back and expect to win the showdown. I wouldn't think that you will be called by 5x or A-high very much and the times you do get called will be by 8x or maybe 99-TT that checked the flop and then froze on the turned king. The only hand I would expect to get value from is 6x.Of course, if the villain is being tilt-spewey then I suppose a small river bet is fine so long as you don't think he will ever bluff-raise the river. My experience is mostly small stakes live, though, where players are much more likely to check/call their moderate strength hands on the
  6. If you're playing in a non-standard format you should take a look at www.fantasybluebook.comThey do individually customized values and rankings. You put in your specific roster and scoring settings and they will calculate what each player is worth in your specific league. Did wonders for me in my drafts, especially since I use PPR + flex and have an auction draft.
  7. I put my cat to sleep this past Saturday.It sucks. No way around it.
  8. I played with him for about four hours as we played from three tables down to the final table at a circuit event at Caesar's last month. To be honest I didn't actually realize who he was until after play ended for the night. I wasn't all that impressed by him at the time; I figured him for just another random noob who liked to just shove all-in. His only notable accomplishment that I witnessed in that tournament was going all-in blind four or five hands in a row, winning them all, and going from 1k in chips (basically an ante) to 200k before hitting the FT.Personal experience aside though,
  9. You can usually use a cell phone or pda in a poker room, you just can't be on the phone while you are playing a hand.
  10. The two forms are different, though I'm not sure to what extent. I think that all the trouble comes about because of Howard and Annie's relatively recent affiliation with FullTilt and UltimateBet. When Howard Lederer was on the Circuit recently he explained that he has an exclusivity clause in his contract with Full-Tilt that makes it illegal for him to sign away his likeness rights. I assume that is why he was able to participate in the WPT in season 1, but now that he is a member of Team Full-Tilt, he can't.Thats just a guess though.
  11. yeah, i got served when i turned a flush with a straight flush draw and a guy pushed all in with bottom set. Sweet paired board on the river. Still alive i guess with 7k.
  12. trippled up to around 13k and was moved to table 26 - TonyBrooks
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