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  1. Mike Sexton Tribute I put this video together after Mike's passing. I loved watching him growing up, he is surely missed.
  2. How are you so good at Scramble with friends and when can I have my rematch?Peanut Butter, crunchy or creamy?Most underrated physical tell in live games?If you were to star in a movie and could pick 2 actors/actresses to co-star with you, who would it be and what style of movie would it be?
  3. wow hats off to this guy, that takes some ballsgive the man his money!
  4. posting that on twitter is in bad taste and I would have done the same thing in his shoes. if you talk bad on someones game they're obv gonna be offended and you'll have to back it up
  5. ended day 1 with 246,500, we just finished 1200-2400/500 not sure what we're going to next. 170 ppl left, anyone else still in?
  6. If anyone's interested, I'll be out there with a few copies of a book I created called the PokerPad, which is something you can use in live tourneys to easily write down hands you played to later go over with friends or whatever. I made them before the WSOP and sold quite a few out there but still have some left if anyone is interested.There's two versions, a larger one (150 hands) and a pocketsized one (50 hands)http://i530.photobucket.com/albums/dd344/2.../IMG_6953-1.jpghttp://i530.photobucket.com/albums/dd344/2.../IMG_6956-2.jpghttp://i530.photobucket.com/albums/dd344/2.../IMG_6952-2.jpghtt
  7. might come out the 18th-main (24th?). anyone staying near town and want to chop a hotel at the ramada or something? hit me up i don't feel safe staying in hammond alone
  8. either that or she has some miracle pushup bra
  9. Immediately rebuy, always add-on.
  10. i got 169k going into day 4. gl to the fcp'ers remaining. gg dn
  11. thanks for the support. just to be clear it was just matusow to my left for a while then when he busted, hellmuth replaced him. both real nice guys, hellmuth was his classic self and had a few tantrums and was kind of a dick to the dealer
  12. The PokerPad: no not baxter uses one & so should you!
  13. I posted this over on p5s and 2p2 and certainly don't want to leave my friends at FCP out. I got tired of constantly jotting things down on scrap paper or punching hands into notepad on my phone. Finally decided to do something to make this easier so I'd like to share this book I came up with. Hopefully this is fine to share here, I'm barely profiting on these things, just want to get it out there and gather some input and give back a little.Named by a friend of mine, The PokerPad is an easy and convenient way to record key hands you play in live tourneys so you can later discuss with friends
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