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  1. The day i joined this group i went on the worst run ever, 11 in a row after not losing 2 in a row since the start of the year. Since i left the group, im back up to 5 so im just gonna stay away. 32 wins for the month
  2. I havent lost 2 in a row since the start, but since i joined this group 7. Holy Bjesus 7, thats horrible
  3. So i watch a lot of random $hit, and i came across this movie yesterday. Wristcutters, if you havent seen it click on it!http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZA_Q4UAeImw
  4. im in. The Canucks screwed me with 2 early goals in the first 3 min. last night.
  5. www.watch-movies.netI watched, Balls Out: The Gary Houseman Story. I've never seen a trailer or heard about it but it was hilarious!
  6. That BigSam guy was Fukin insane. With 2 picks left, out of all the matchups they had during that time, he chose the TB Bucs vs Car. and the Steelers vs Dal. What a crazy Fuk!
  7. IGN said the release date was today, and Gamestop had the same thing but it turned out they were shipping dates so it wont be out till tomorrow. Now i have to watch the Browns and Bills and play some cards.
  8. Im goin to get NFS Undercover right now i cant wait. I still have to finish work, but atleast i can read the book Prostreet sucked a$$ so it better be good!
  9. I search for movies to watch at work and this was a new one to me. Pretty funny, like a Half Baked movie.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VLCzta7BROE
  10. My roomate picked up Little Big Planet, and it is pretty fun. 4 peeps can play at the same time and join in the middle of a level. You just run and grab $hit and fuk around. XBOX SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!NeedForSpeed-Undercover. Now i have always loved these games, except Pro-Street. This one is gonna be like underground with most wanted mixed in. I cant wait!
  11. THERE IS NO SEX IN THE CHAMPAGNE ROOM..Im so lost with this, and im not even high.
  12. The Midnight Meat Train. Bullettooth Tony is sick. With an appearance by Rampage Jackson. Lionsgate makes some ****ed up movies.
  13. www.davidmovie.comwww.watch-movies.netThis is just some of the stuff i watch to pass time at work, beautiful!
  14. MLB 2k8 - I had the same problem when i bought the game. I was getting over it too, but i switched to classic for hitting and pitching, but left the Total Control on for the fielding (pre-loading your throw is important). I got so wrecked when i first started, you just have to play a couple games and get into a flow. I swing at just about anything, and they dont throw very many balls during an at-bat.
  15. ANGELS ANGELS...Got tickets to game 2 against (hopefully) those Fuk heads the Redsox. TB better finish it off today. And to throw it out there, i hope the Twins win.
  16. Atleast you finish your games, my roomate will be playing his season and be losing in a game and quit after i walk away. I come back from work the next day and he is playin the same team, and im like didnt you lose to them. He says, im undefeated. Cause you quit all the time, no wonder you get over these games so fast. Anyways whats up with tiger, everybody over it or just playin NHL 09. Worthy of a purchase?
  17. You should go for somebody like J. Campbell or Kitna. I would be wary for somebody like Kitna but he has good recievers and an ok arm. Coles is a good FA pickup as long as farve gets his $hit together (he still has it). I picked up farve early in my draft (i was drunk) and got palmer later. Man what a bust palmer was. D. Williams will be fine this year cause they still dont trust Stewart yet.
  18. This is my team, QB-Farve RB-Westbrook RB-TurnerRB/WR-ForteWR-WayneWR-DriverWR-PattenD/ST-TitansK-VinatieriBenchQB-EdwardsRB-GrahamRB-PerryWR-BoweWR-A. GonzalezD/St-Vikings, RavensK-DawsonTeam #1 is solid for you, you can make a case against D. Williams cause J. Stewart looks really good and will probably take over soon. As long as your starting lineup stays healthy you should be OK. Team #2 needs a QB but you already know that, and maybe another WR. Try trading Norwood or Bowe. Houston and A. Green are going nowhere, maybe see if Steve Slaton is still available.
  19. First of all that Ds. Jackson play was a gift for me (Westbrook), as i was playin a guy who had T.O. and we kept goin back and forth. What a Moron Jackson is, did you see the play when he was in High School when he jumped and lost it on the 1. He has a History of this, Priceless!Anyways, I got Westbrook Turner Forte Graham and Perry for RB's. I start R. Wayne every week and switch between Bowe, Driver, I. Bruce, D. Patten and A. Gonzalez. Just got Titans D along with Vikings and Ravens and blah blah blah, Farve and T. Edwards. I had Palmer but i have no confidence in him. Im 2-0 so far so good
  20. I got one for you guys. I started Turner last week against TB's D/ST and he got lit up. Should i go with Forte in Chicago against TB D, or start Graham against a tough Chi D. Who has D. Bowe, and what are you going to do with him? He is a beast and can catch but if Huard doesnt come back Thigpin doesnt stand a chance.
  21. MICROSOFT sucks. I hate those rip-off N64 controllers. NIN4LYFE
  22. I got Woods 09 the day it came out, and still goin strong. You guys have it for PS3 or...Lets get some tourneys going!
  23. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hOTQJnDfbNY...feature=relatedGive it a chance, 3 part song with 3 different beats.
  24. I cant post just one but anything that has to do with RhymeSayers MURS, LIVING LEGENDS, SLUG AESOP is the sickest $HIT around!
  25. Tiger 09 reminds me of Madden 09, for the fact that they didnt really change much just made it A LOT smoother. First thing i did was play 9 holes online and it looked really good. Not much lag and the speed of the game flows nice. I went right back to MLB 2K8 after a round, and K-Rod blew the 1-0 save in the 9th and Torri Hunter had to save him with a leadoff, walkoff homer, NICE.
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