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  1. I listened to part of this and Daniel was very good on air.
  2. Is it just me or is the play today Donktacular??Look at this hand:David Einhorn raises $150,000 from the cutoff and Dustin Holmes calls from the big blind. The flop comes 5s4d4s and Holmes checks to Einhorn who bets $250,000. Holmes then re-raises all-in for another $1,510,000. Einhorn counts the pot, thinks for a few minutes, and then makes the call. Einhorn shows Ac2s while Holmes flips over 65h. The turn and river bring the Qs and the 5d. Holmes fills up on the river and doubles up to $3,400,000.Raise with A2 off....ok. Flop bet .... maybe.But calling that re-raise???Plus earlier knockout
  3. Here's the line up:Randy Savage (WWF wrestler) Lita Ford Phil Hellmuth Jr (poker player) Carrot Top Tina Jordan (former Playboy playmate) Niki McKibbin (American Idol season 1) Bushwick Bill (Rapper) Chris Wink (blue man group) Tanya Roberts (Actress) Dabney Coleman (Actor) Does this mean Phil's washed up?
  4. Odds of bigger set are so small you have to push it.
  5. What's your strategy when playing the $3 & $5 Holdem Rebuy tourneys? Do you play it super tight and push with strong cards to take advantage of the crazy play. Or do you gamble and go all in with almost anything?
  6. Quit now. That's as good as it gets. He must hate you.You also might want to try the edit button.
  7. Why would you photograph photoshopers?Doesn't sound like fun to me....
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