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  1. Why build an image and not exploit it? Raise flop with the best hand when he will think you are spewing. Bet turn. Evaluate on river.
  2. If you are going to build that image, you have to act on it when you get the opportunity. Shove.
  3. Call me crazy but I think this is a raise. On the river he is betting $10 into $32. That's a weak lead if I've ever seen one. If you truely have a loose image he is raise AA, KK, QQ, and TT. We can discount KK and QQ due to our holding. Is there really no value in a raise? If he has the case 4 does he not check raise the turn rather than bet out? What am I missing?
  4. I have a hard time believing you are behind his range very often. I raise to 120ish and call a shove.
  5. Generally I agree with this, but I also think it can sometimes be easier to get money out of "thinking" players than the typical TAGs. Thoughts? obv. Just saying QJs isn't a hand I will always call with, but was looking to play more hands with this Villain.
  6. I have been playing with Villain for awhile and have decided that he is probably one of the best players at the table. Therefore, I am looking for an opportunity to out-play him for all of his chips. Villian has around $400 and I cover with about $500.Villain raises from MP to $12. Hero calls from CO with QdJd. Everyone else folds.FLOP($27): Qc 9d 2hVillain bets $15 (this has been his standard continuation bet). Hero calls. Physical tells from his preflop raise (and demeanor afterwards) tell Hero he is on a big hand. The range I put him on includes: AK, AQ, KQ, AA, KK, QQ. JJ, and TT.
  7. I like 1 much better than 2. I think aggresive play is much more profitable than passive. IMO, 1 is played perfectly. In 2, I think the flop check is fine, IF you were looking to check-raise. As played, I think you HAVE TO bet the turn unless you are looking to check-raise. The way that you played it gave you absolutely zero info into what Villain holds. While I don't advocate "raising for info," I do think you should have been raising for value, absent a read.
  8. First of all, I like reraising more preflop when it is guaranteed that you will be OOP. That is going to give Villain a huge advantage, so make him pay for it. Second, I like betting ~ $400 at the flop. IMO $300 looks a little weak and his raise could be nothing more than a steal (i.e. he could fold if you pushed). Had you bet $400, his raise would have had to be at least 1k which basically commits his entire stack.
  9. intersting. i'm curious as to how many reraise on the button with 88. If so, would you do it everytime, or only occasionally?As played I definitely reraise. In addition to the flush draw, J9 and 97 (good hands to call with in position, especially if suited) are drawing to a straight. I would make it 80ish.
  10. Typically I hate slowplaying. However, if there is ever a time for it, this is it. I like the check on the flop. On the turn, I think you have to begin to build the pot. I would make it ~ $500. Hopefully one of the villains will see it as a squeeze play.
  11. IMO this is where bankroll management comes into play. If you are adequately rolled to play in this game, it is an instant call. He has KK, QQ, JJ, AK, or less at least 50% of the time.While I think there are times to fold KK preflop, this is not even close to being one of them.
  12. I love this line as well, but it took a long time for it to become profitable for me (I was making the move just for the sake of making the move rather than waiting for the right villain/situation). I would have a really hard time making this move against someone I have played < 30 hands with.
  13. Question: I don't play online, but at my local casino, you can reraise if the raise is more than half of the original bet (here, the original bet was $15 and the raise was $12, therefore, a reraise would be possible). Was it possible to reraise the flop? If you can reraise the flop, I think I make it $55ishAs played, I think you have to bet the turn. Was there a reason you didn't?If called on the turn, a check behind on the river is fine, as you will only get called if you are beat.
  14. Note: This is my first real attempt to analyze a hand using math so please correct me if I'm wrong.Noway. Only possible hands are a set or AhJh.This is strictly a math question. It looks like you have to call $57.1 to win $109.1If that's right you are getting about 1.9 to 1, which means you have to win roughly 34% of the time.Against a set you are a little better than 40%. Against AhJh you are still 31%. Therefore, if you could put him on exactly Jhxh, then you could fold. Seeing as that's impossible, its a call.
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