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  1. my nama borat what what what?but people call me steve. STEVE!love love the avatar silkyjonson
  2. anyone know any good card rooms in sydney australia that arnt gonna go anal if your 16 (legal age in AU is 18)
  3. me and my bro were watcing the wpt i cant remember what stop it was on the tour but it was the one with daniel negreanu and scotty ngyuen and that other unknown guy and the K8 of clubs.scotty was up against K 8 of cluibs 3 times in a row twice by daniel negreanu and daniel called both times. the first time scotty had Q J aand when danny called him with K 8 my brother was like "oh a terrible call" and i sed to him"but he knew he had the best hand so how was it the incorrect call" he sed "but claling all in on K 8 is a terrible call this guy has no clue i dont care if he had him beat it was terr
  4. one of my favs is when someone turns up a set and every ones like wow! omg vnh VVVVVVVNH!!!!
  5. If a k or 6 hits on the turn or river, check it down and if you're lucky, you can take down the small pot. Fold to any bet as it's to easy to be dominated..If a K or 6 falls on the turn and I check, there's no way in H.ell it's getting checked around again. Someone else will at least represent the King, and I would have no reason to not believe them. It's not worth looking them up. There's no way in h.ell I'm going to take this pot down aside from a bluff, which I don't want to do at this point in the tourney."Fold to any bet as it's too easy to be dominated."Thank you.if you didnt believe
  6. umm accually my name means that i will be at the WSOP in 4 years, accually its 5 years since im 16 but i buggered up my maths lol,as for me staying in school im accually leaving to play pro in private clubs on account of my skill, yeah yeah skill you all say but i have been playing for about 12 years on account of me learning poker when i was 4 years old.i learnt razz (7 card stud where the lowest hand wins the pot) , omaha 8 or better, holdem, lowball, duece to seven triple draw, ace to 5 triple draw, all from my dad at ace 4. got totally into it from that age,so yeah i belieeeeeeeve i am qu
  7. yeah um dn if you just gimme a hat that says may the flop be with me then ile stop making posts that attract thousands of viewers and posts lol,last nite i made 5 new topics that collectivly have atracted nearly 100 replys hahaha
  8. umm ok guys the fact that you say i learnt poker about a year ago is humoring,i was taght the game when i was 3 years old by my father.i truly believe since i have been playing at home games for over 9 years now that i truly am good enough.Daniel negreanu started in clubs at the age of 17 so whats the difference except 1 year?i didnt want any career advise i just wanted to know if anyone knew of any private clubs in sydney ok?
  9. nice try buddy,luckily for me i have been scarred by these pop out things by my brother and cousin so now whenever a picture comes up i right click, if it says stuff like copy image to then its apicture, and if it says pay and stop then i know its a flash and i know to turn the sound down and flick off the page lol.also be warey when it says STARE at the boats lolbut i did manage to get my younger bro my mum and my dad hahahahahahahahahaha
  10. i just wanted a bit of healthy discussion no need to be so rude
  11. Hey guys im not trying to start any great battle or hatred against me but a little healthy discussion may be ok?I just wanted to say im in favour of Bush the whole way.I admire his guts to stick up for what he believes in, even though a good part of the world is against him.I am totally for the war on terror. If we do not protect ourselfs and take the agressive stance we stand no chance against Terrorist.Extremests in the middle east hate the western society, they have even openly proclaimed the wish for our destrution. They hate the way we live and will do anything to stop our wway of life.W
  12. Hey people. I also would just like to comment on my great respect for daniel.As a christian, growing up in a Christian family its been hard to explain to my parents and loved ones that i will be apoker great, i am determained to be one and nothing will get in my way.Because of daniel i have been able to show my folks and friends that poker not all poker players are bad apples and cheats. by using Daniel as an example of a person with a poker career as well as being an all round good person with the right faith i have been able to put poker in a better light with my parents.GOD RULES!!!! JESUS
  13. hey im from sydney im 16 and i want to quit school to go pro, im good enough its hard to describe my talent for the game over the internet but u know lol..i was wondering if anyone knew of any private clubs in sydney? i need to start poker as a career, i feel trapped in the world of school and forced learning about things i dont want to learn about you know? when im sitting in history sure its interesting, but while im sitting there amongst checking out the chics ass infront of me lol im thinking about poker, poker hands, strategies etc. i need to start playing for real you know??
  14. daniel played in charity casinos right? well when did he start playing in them?
  15. that doesnt meen anything. He doesnt have time to go through 10 thousand odd people in his blog, he justed named a select few becasue they are the ones who have accually met him
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