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    It was actually 6 I believe... but I really like the new album so I don't mind at all.They were unreal. Hetfield sounds better now then he did during any of the past 10+ years. Lars, for as much of a homo as he is, is really nasty on drums and has only gotten better. Kirk Hammett was on the upside of his playing as well, which tends to vary from ridiculous to sloppy every few years.My only issue is Robert Trujillo. I wanna like the guy. I really do. He's a talented bassist, and seems like a good guy. ... but I just can't watch him on stage. The squatting, the spinning, the hair... he just does
  2. I don't need to click this link to know it's something stupid and worthless.
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    Who's going to Jersey to see Metallica?This guy
  4. Don't talk to me about subtlety nigga. I'm subtle to the "T"Don'tcha see?What I did there?Nigga grab your ball hair,Way down thereand stretch it out to the cock headJust do like I saidand in case you misreadClick the motherfuckin thread.http://www.fullcontactpoker.com/poker-foru...immeringwarfareOk fine, so that thread isn't really subtle, just pointless. Whatever, same thing.
  5. You're right. I'm a pathetic waste of life.When I die, fuck it I wanna go to hellCuz I'm a piece of shit it ain't hard to fuckin tellIt don't make sense goin to heaven with the goodie goodie's dressed in whiteI like black Timb's and black hoodies.
  6. I never thought it could happen, this rappin' stuff I was too used to packin' gats and stuff Now hunnies play me close like butter played toast From the Mississippi down to the east coast Condos in Queens, indo for weeks Sold out seats to hear Biggie Smalls speak
  7. I agree with BigD.Also, posting like you're drunk is only acceptable if you're chrozzo, and the only reason he's ok is because I envision him being the Geico lizard. The idea of the gecko drunk is funny enough to let it slide.
  9. I think I'd be a shadow, based on this explanation. I disappear for periods of time, but always seem to come back right around the time the drama hits.
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    1- That dude is hideous.2- Barack will layeth the smacketh down on thy roo-dee-poo candy ass. IF YA SMEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEELLLLLLLLLL......you see what I'm doing here. The first times I heard Obama speak I thought he sounded like the Rock on the mic, the fact that his first name works so well into all his catchphrases is just extra gravy.
  11. Still chasin' those slanty eyed bitches I see. Do (God's) work, son.
  12. You can go ahead and report me to Negreanu if you'd like, or whatever it is that you do. I've been around here too long anyway as illustrated by the "You were once babies" thread. I will address these in order.1- If you are, in actuality, not as content and positive as your posts would suggest, then why act like it? Acting like you're content with the way things are is 10 times worse than actually being content. You're still doing nothing about it, yet pretending that you don't care. Once again, very and truly sad.2- You're not comprehending. I didn't say "be superior" or "act superior". I sai
  13. I've never watched this show, although I distinctly remember it. Probably because it was on right before or after a show I watched religiously. I'm going to need you to elaborate on this Shadows/Vorlons issue at length. Thank you.
  14. IT'S ALL COMING FULL CIRCLE!!!http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vX07j9SDFcc
  15. Isn't that a story written about LNM (I can call him that because we is peoples, as the coloreds say), from a 3rd person point of view? LOL tectonic plateaments
  16. 4 User(s) are reading this topic (0 Guests and 1 Anonymous Users)3 Members: CardWarfare, theresa113, grocery_monyoh the memories...
  17. Did anyone happen to notice the tags on the first video??Tags: boxxy gaia moldybread penis hearts hugs kisses addi
  18. Who picked up their laptop and flipped it upside down, and even did that thing where you move it far away from your face hoping to see the "big picture" or something you missed by looking closely?<-------- This gook. I really enjoyed this. However you forgot a very important side note. So important that it should've been denoted with one of those really small superscript numbers next to the sentence, and then elaborated upon at the bottom of the post, kinda spaced apart from the rest, and put in a different font, as to not confuse the reader into thinking that it was merely a continuation
  19. I didn't quite understand this thread until I read the dates, and I actually read my post and chuckled to myself thinking, "Ha he quoted one of the posts Turd made on my account and thought it was me! RoFLcOpTerZ!" The best part about that post isn't necessarily visible anymore. My avatar at the time was a picture of me pulling my baseball cap down, JayZ-stylee, over my face. My sig at the time was simply "Lights Out" with those little card icons of the 97 of spades.Wow I was gay. It's like looking back at your high school yearbook.
  20. I can't think of him and not think of this exchange.
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    However, if I get to take home more of a % of my check, and some radical muslim blows something up in Bumblefuck, North Dakota....
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