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  1. Really hope you brought this up to management when it happened.....Don't worry, I did and got the $25 chip back.
  2. Good point about the mechanic bit Mr. B. I had considered the same thing, which is why I chose to simply go over his head with the whole issue.Aside from that, taking action directly against the dealer, such as not tipping him or trash talking, would mar my credibility, thus negatively influencing the management's decision.I wasn't planning on tipping the guy anymore regardless, simply because in the prior session, I tipped him a $1 chip after a hand, and later realized after the dealers changed that he had swapped it out for a $25 chip.I realized this after counting up my chips at the end of
  3. Raise his blind, and as you throw your raising chips in, throw a box of tissues over to his side of the table.
  4. Here's a copy of the email I sent the management team at Fish Street Poker. I think I worded it respectfully, and hope to hear a respectful response in return.To whom it may concern (perferably the manager / owner of Fish Street),I played a 1/2 NL session at your cardroom yesterday (Friday), and would like to bring to your attention an incident that occured at my table, but before I do so please let me preface it by saying that after playing several sessions at your establishment, I have had nothing but positive things to say about the facilities, service, staff, etc. Unfortunately, what happe
  5. LOL I'm not really planning on messing with the guy's car, but I am going to see to it that the management of the place has this brought to their attention. I want to go about it in as upfront a way as possible, as not to allow them any leverage for taking action, and smashing the windshield of a car might soil my reputation as a stand-up type player, LOL
  6. In response to matthew r:It isn't a casino. It's a small privately owned cardroom.Other than this arsehole I can't bring myself to say anything bad about the place. This happened on my 3rd session there, and from what I've seen, the management is very concerned with it's customer's satisfaction (setting an unused table aside for some shorthanded 1/2 NL at my request, etc.), which is why I might take up further action / discussion with the owner, as someone had suggested above.
  7. well ive been playin this thing called poker for ten years and never knew what rgp is till now and i still dont really know wat it is.maybe you should be around the card room more than some internet forum, then you can say something that is significant. but then again if you were any good, i doubt you'd be boasting about 6 years at some rgp thing.all i know is that i've been playing poker before this fad and i got to say the games are way juicier now than back then. if you say that Daniel is classless because he states his dislike of certain people on a public forum, well what does that mak
  8. Nah, he was about 40 or so. Dressed up like some biker scum. Feel free to kick his ass, PM for directions to the card room :wink:
  9. Not really.To the OP, wow dude, you're kind'a a puss, no?At the very least you complain to the floor, or if no floor, the dealer and the owner/manager of whatever place you're playing at... "I revealed my cards, he is required to show his cards", even if it may not be true at that establishment.And, when all else fails, "I know where you work, fcker" might have an effect.To each their own, I guess.I debate it with the dealer,as well as the floor manager/casher at the cage. They sided with the guy, saying if I mucked my hand it can't be debated. I also had a nice oversized Louisville Slugger th
  10. I actually just got done watching the DN vs. DW Borgata tourney on DVD. It was a classic, but I see where the arguement for the blinds is founded. Although, I think in the Borgata tourney, DW was moving in with a lot of the hands he moved in with regardless of blind/stack ratio.That being said, I've said for a while that blinds should be capped at a certain part of the final table. Possibly when it gets down to 3 handed, then raise once more at heads-up and stay there for the remainder.
  11. I actually was thinking the same thing after it happened. I wanted to tell him, "Hey man if you need $200 something bucks that bad that you'll pull something like that, I guess you're lousy personality isn't bringin in too many dealer tips."And flipping the cards over was just a reflex after I put the money in, and since I had been running pretty bad during the past half hour of the session, I guess it was partly out of frustration when I threw my cards in. I learned my lesson, but that's a pretty shitty way to have to learn it. I wound up going home and making back the money online. It's sad
  12. I basically told the guy what I said here. I wasn't rude or obnoxious, but I told him that things like that really sets a poor example for not only the kids like myself, and also is just bad for the game in general. Especiallybecause a lot of the younger players are just bored rich kids and will donk off all their money to you anyway.I added the fact that he's a dealer at this place, and trying to steal pots by lying and trickery is classless and absurd. I could tell just by looking at the guy that he already had no class, but had hoped he might show the slightest bit, seeing as how he was an
  13. I just wanted to see what some of you guys thought of this situation...I was playing 1/2 NL at a new cardroom that opened up a few months ago in my area. I was sitting on the button with K Q . After a late position limper, I raised it up to $15 (as was a standard pre-flop raise at this game). An aggressive older "hotshot" called out of the BB and the limper folded. The flop came down Q -4 -7 . The BB player checked, and I led out for $25. BB calls.Turn brings the 2 . BB player checked, and I made a "feeler" bet of $30. BB calls.At this point, I was fairly sure I had the best hand. I ha
  14. i know this has been said already, but with all the bashing on Phil Laak, I have to bring up the fact that no one really considers him to be a top player. He's great for TV, since he has such a wacko personality, but I really don't think anyone's hyping him up to be a world-class player.
  15. What's God's view on cliches and cheesy references?
  16. couldn't help but laugh at the fact that they censored the first word of the breed of your dog LOL
  17. You should have one of them get up after sucking out and dance around and rub chips all over himself like in that FullTilt commericial with Lederer in it. LOL.
  18. Unfortunately I didn't get a chance to watch the latest match, but after reading through the updates to this thread I have to ask...If DC continues using #1 to play the matches, it seems as if they will eventually lose. It seemed as if DN could effectively adjust to his play and booked victories.It seems as though #2 would be the logical choice to continue with these matches, since he produced the best results thusfar.But wouldn't that kind of take away from the whole drama that started this mess? DN said himself that #2 was very polite and well mannered, and while I'm sure there is still a lo
  19. Sorry I'm late, I dont troll in general too much anymore :clap: :clap: :clap:
  20. I actually thought of making a thread similar to this. Touche!I'd have to say mine go as follows.1- deposit into FCP and start building back a bankroll. I had turned a 50$ deposit on FullTilt to around 2500$, but, I made the biggest mistake of my life and got a credit card and used it. a lot.2- cut up that credit card.3- find a local card room that has regular LHE ring games. (I don't have the connections to get into the Manhattan games, and the clubs on the Island only have NLHE tournaments and cash games.)4- Work on finding a happy medium in my normally Jekyl and Hyde approach to NLHE Tourn
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