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  1. That thread was amazing. Props for having fun playing the game. The club should be renamed FCP Krablar Followers. P.S. The hated "Quablar" you mentioned, I prefer to call the gay waiter (queen with a tray) LOL but Quablar is pretty damn funny
  2. you clearly are not getting a hat
  3. I'm so sorry to hear all that man, you've obviously been through a lot more than I thought. I really like your point of view though. To be able to see beauty during the darkest of times is something I can only wish to someday achieve. I commend you on your personal strength, since I easily would have cracked a long time ago. It puts things into perspective when I hear something like that, because it makes me realize that my petty concerns are just that, petty. After all you've been through, and the amount of pain you've endured, I suggest that when you do find what it is you want, to just go f
  4. Threads like these are the reason I have a new love for OT.DD, I know I already posted in this thread, and I won't be redundant, as I think there is a lot of wisdom and sound advice in these 2 pages. Just wanted to say that intelligent people such as yourself always find ways to make it work out in the end, just give yourself the oppurtunity to make things happen, and use your natural ability to find your way to happiness. My high school bio teacher/football coach, who was like a second father to me, once told me that, and I think it's a very valuable piece of advice. I didn't realize it at th
  5. yeah i can imagine. hopefully i'll figure shit out by then
  6. I feel you man.. I get in those moods a lot.I assume you're older than me, as I'm 19 and am in the, "go figure out what you want to do with your life and do it" stage, which has been killing me.I have no clue what I want to do, and often find myself thinking along the same lines. Contemplating just picking up and leaving everything behind. Maybe moving to Manhattan and blending in with the ebb and flow of the city, or move out to the middle of no where and live real simple. In the end I still have no clue what I'm gonna do with myself.At least you got a girl man, you're real lucky for that. I
  7. nice! good looks on the q-tip idea.. it worked!
  8. yeah this is definatelyone of my favorite forums now
  9. never said i was...just bored and felt like starting my own club.. i was rejected from a lot of clubs as a kid
  10. Here are my 3 big hands:1- live $120 buy in NL tournament.Button has about 5K in chipsSB has about 2KI am in the BB with about 7K100-200 blindsFolds to button, who makes it 600SB foldsI defend my blind with 4 6 Flop: 3 5 7 I check, Button bets 1200.I raise to 3KButton moves all-in. I call.Button shows 9 9 2- .50-$1 NL ring gameI'm in the cutoff with about $400Folds to me, I raise it up to $5 with 9 7 Button foldsSB foldsBB callsFlop: 6 8 :club J :club:BB checks, I bet $8, BB callsTurn: 5 BB checks, I bet $15, BB moves all-in for $90 moreI call,BB shows J J :heart:River brings
  11. This forum is one of my new favorites, but more to the point...I see all of these little clubs and such on this forum, and i've decided to start my own. It's gonna be called the FCP Rags-to-Riches Crew, or FCPR2R.Basically, it's a group dedicated to creative players, and believe that "textbook" holdem is not the most profitable strategy. While I do beleive that old-fashioned TAG is a great way to grind out a living, I personally am much more akin to keeping my opponents (as well as myself) on my toes by mixing up my game and alternating TAG in with a much more liberal approach to pre-flop play
  12. that just made my foot hurt. and it still wont play rounders
  13. the poster above me has a quote from one of the greatest movies ever made in his sig."Well hallejuia Jaffar!"
  14. i figure a lot of you guys on here are pretty tech-savvy, so here's a question..the dvd player on my laptop recently decided it doesn't feel like playing dvds.. in an attempt to fix it, i tried uninstalling windows media player and re-installing it, only to find that i don't have the startup disc anymore.i downloaded a free dvd player, which has sufficed ever since..my problem is, for some reason, my computer isn't reading certain dvds, including rounders which i really feel like watching right now.the majority of the dvds work, but so far i have like 2 or 3 that won't , and of couse, those 2
  15. i just ate corn with my dinner tonight.thanks guys.
  16. I thought I remembered him from something.. must have been the WSOP. On the other hand, it didn't even seem like Jerry Buss was there, everytime they shot him it was from a different angle and the lighting looked different. Maybe he was playing "via satellite" LOL
  17. "when you go to a poker game, you always want to be ready to beat the other guy at the game."Then goes on to pull an MTV cribs with his closet and all his corny "poker" accessories.I'm sorry, I know this is like my 4th post about this guy but he really irritates me LOL
  18. Anyone else thing the gyno doctor is waaaaay too into hollywooding?Gyno: "I raise..."::wait:::waiting:::still waiting::DN: "Were you serious about the raise?"Gyno: "Yeah!"Doyle: "Why don't you share it with the rest of us."LOL
  19. personally i have a much bigger problem with the doctor's "accessories"and an even bigger problem with the fact that the show took time away from the game to cut to him talking about said accessories.
  20. watching the replay now..the gyno's play of the aces makes me want to stab myself with a rusty screwdriver.and the way he talks about aces the next hand.. i'm naseous."Aces?! Where you come from?! I never see aces in my whole life."makes me want to shove some of his accessories in his eyeballs
  21. Overall I have to say I'm disappointed.I loved the idea of a cash game on TV, but there were too many commercials and extra BS, plus the fact that it was only an hour long. 2hrs + less commercials and this show would be sickk
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