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  1. Definately. This thread gives a good name to the OT posters and the OT forum in general
  2. yup, I'm blaming injuries to the giants LB's as to why we are, I didn't the playoff game though.I'm blaming injuries to the jets players in general. :?
  3. has there been any feedback from the players? i kinda zoned out during the herm edwards split, so i don't really know who's partial to whom anymore.
  4. yes. the giants pwned the jets this season.but... it's mid january, and BOTH teams are sitting at home watching the playoffs on tv.
  5. spicy chicken burrito from T-Bell :-) :dance: I'M FULLLLLLLL
  6. the scarecrow walks at midnight is by far the best goosebumps book.i have another bet for you. read all of the "give yourself goosebumps" books without killing yourself.
  7. yeah yeah, I know they blew it big time this season.just wondering if there's any other fans out there, and if so, what do you think of the new coach?i was reading in the paper how everyone thinks that hiring bellichick's "student" is a sign of the jets praying that he'll be the second coming.i dunno about that one.
  8. anyone know what that means? I took Russian in high school and i have no clue.
  9. Honestly, I think the highlight of Rounders is the voiceovers and soliliquies, and probably would give the edge to rounders in that department.A few shining examples:-Worm's speech in the apartment after Mike's g/f leaves him (Rolled up aces over kings/ check-raising stupid tourists...)-Mike's v/o when returning to Gramma's place ("Fold or hang tough...")-The professor's story etc
  10. I stopped counting. I only have the original copy of the DVD, but I did borrow my friend's to listen to the Hellmuth/Chan/Jesus/Moneymaker commentary, which was semi entertaining.I went through a phase when I was away at school where it was almost constantly playing in my room, between myself and my 5 other roomates who all played poker, someone was always watching it.
  11. he went after "the dean's" cards, not the pot.That being said, if you're looking for a poker movie, it's probably a C- at best.However, if you're looking for a movie about hustling and scamming, its probably a B.The acting was "ehhh" with the exception of "Charlie" and whoever the girl was. They were absolutely awful, and both seemed to be slipping in and out of accents (?) the whole movie. The ending was pretty cool, but the overall movie wasn't great. Cool card tricks though
  12. I heard he belly bounced them into an adjacent roomI heard he knocked them down then vader-bombed them from the top of the dresser
  13. nah i stick with my spicy chicken burritos and caramel apple empanadai did wanna give that a shot though.. that and the fiesta bowl thing
  14. wow. i come back from getting dinner at taco bell.. and theres a thread made about taco bell. wiiieeeerrrrdddddddd.and yes, i'm full. like almost naseous, i wanna take a nap full.
  15. :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock:
  16. p.s. I'm the prankster. I spend my free time commenting people's blogs and pretending to be pro poker players so the author will go drippy in their panties.
  17. I realize I haven't been a regular poster here for that long..... but are you really that dumb? or is this like a running joke of some sortI pray for the latter
  18. Anything with the phrases "Italian Stallion" "100% Italian princess" "Italian bella" "buttana" etc etcdont get me wrong. i have no problem with italian people. Nor do I have a problem with people being proud of their heritage.But come the fck on. You can be proud of your heritage without T-shirts, bumper stickers, 500 little flags everywhere, and advertising it on myspace, facebook etc at every given oppurtunity
  19. i hate the guido gotti morons that gel their hair, then either put a headband around it, or even better, put a hat sideways/tilted/off center just enough to let like 1/2 of their hair show around it.
  20. jersey and SI are good warmups.main event: Long Island North ShoreLet me know if you're coming. We'll make a party of it, and dispose of them mafia style for added irony
  21. I went to Albany for 2 years. Every fcking time I went to a bar I almost got my eyes poked out by these morons and their hair.If they didn't poke my eye out, they assaulted my sense of smell with their 5 gallons of armani cologne.Next time you find yourself in one of those overcrowded grimy Albany bars, do what I did: Get 2 pitchers of beer, find a group of these morons and walk through them. Their automatic reaction will be to give you the "tough guy shoulder bump" thus causing beer to spill all over their A|X shirts.Laugh for 10 minutes, drink remaining beer, repeat.
  22. wow. this one's getting bookmarked.
  23. I'm begging you. PLEASE get a picture of you doing the krablar dance after taking down a pot.and post it in ot.several times. It would be the thread of the millenia
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