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    grocery and hollywood's sig pics suck.
  2. also- new BP vids uphttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mCvTNZ55UDA
  3. just ordered this beast.. Should be here Thursday, which will give me some time to break it in before my game Sunday.http://www.spcsports.com/index.php?l=produ...etail&p=402BTW, if anyone is interested, that site is running a fall discount on all bats.. just use "fall10" as the coupon code... you're welcome
  4. I actually do a bit of a combo of both of theseI wrap my left pinkie around the knob of the bat, and then line my knuckles up accordingly.. I noticed a lot more wrist action since i started doing this.
  5. I'm having fun in this league, but my performance isn't nearly as good as I had hoped. I joined a softball forum to try to get some advice on my swing. If anyone would like to throw their two cents in, heres the link to the latest videohttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4hPsE6l-HFs
  6. Just curious to see if any of you guys play in recreational or competitive slow pitch leagues. I just got into it this season and we're going into the second week of Fall league. I am on a softball forum as well, but wanted to see if you guys played at all.
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    Glad to see someone is at least attempting to keep up with the tradition of boobies in here. Nice work hank.By the way- I watched some Sweet Krissy pronz the other day and thought of you. Not really while I was watching it, but before and after. Then I felt gay, so I watched it again and didn't jerk off because I was already done. Then it struck me that watching porn while not having a boner is probably gayer than what I was trying to compensate for.
  8. Hi.-Chrozzo.Is he still around? Does he still do that? Christ I'm out of the loop. lawl. Howdy!You can do the combos with any combo of players live or CPU. If you wanted to do it with a live player, the two of you just hold down the L Trigger when the time comes, if you're going with a CPU, i believe its L Trigger, and the corresponding button of the person you want to combo with. We've stayed pretty constant with our characters, so I haven't gotten to experience too many combos, but here is my rating of coolness from what I've seen. I won't ruin the surprise of what happens, but some of them
  9. Please don't yell at me for being in here, I don't even really post anymore.Just came to stop by to let Renae and any other fans of the "Marvel Ultimate Alliance" games that the new one dropped today, and is absolutely awesome. Same fantastically fun gameplay with cooler features including special combo moves you can do with the other members of your 4 person team. Yes I'm still using Wolverine. Yes I'm still awesome. No, don't worry, all the controls and such come back to you in a flash, since they're pretty much the same as the old game.Basic premise- There is a sort of Marvel civil war that
  10. CardWarfare

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    What is this from? I'm aroused.Oh, and hi. Still alive. Apparently turd has been using my account a lot more than I have lately.
  11. This really is the funniest shit on here in a long time. Keep up the good work.
  12. Well, I'm sitting at home alone on a Saturday night. Turner, Hooch, Blue Moon Ale, and vicodin are my only friends so I guess I can tell a little story. Let's see here...Exactly one year ago, just about to the hour that I'm writing this I threw some clothes and a backpack and a sleeping bag and a tent into the trunk of my little '86 beamer and headed for San Francisco to kick it with my sister. Didn't tell her I was coming or anything and didn't plan ahead, but I was just bored in my town and nothing was happening. Well, many things happened between then and the story that I want to get to now
  13. I think what the small third bet does is tell him you have a big hand without getting him to put any real money in the pot and letting him draw cheap. I've seen a lot of weak no limit players use the limit trick of raising on the flop hoping to get a blank checked to them on the turn so they can get it for free. I think you ought to either smooth call his min-raise and plan to lead the turn regardless of what comes or make a decent sized third bet. Not your whole stack. That's silly, but something like 200 at least. Personally, I would have made it like $250 on the flop. That way you can hope
  14. Yeah, obviously you felt he had a really strong hand or you wouldn't have three bet him on the flop so why didn't you hit him with a raise that stuck? I have no problem with the three bet, but if you're going to do it why don't you make it big enough to commit him or at least big enough to make the pot big enough so he can't get away on the turn. How many bb deep are the two of you? Anyway, it doesn't matter cause you know what you did. Did the NFL start already? What month is it, July? I'm confused. Yeah, this is Caleb. I can't get my other account to work so I just use this one sometimes. I
  15. What a nerd. If you have the cash to play the main event why are you playing a 25c game? "It's just for practice." If this were real life you could tell I was saying that in my best retard/whiny nerd voice. Maybe it's just me, but I can't stay interested in a game if it doesn't hurt to lose. Not bad. Makes me want to go to a rodeo. I was pretty redneck growing up so I went to one as a child, but I wasn't old enough to drink or check out the girls in the little shorts. I do recall hanging out in the livestock pavilion for a really long time though. There's nothing better than an evening spent
  16. Are you the gay one? Is it because you're gay? Whenever I get depressed I just take some drugs. Cheers me right up. Weed and video games is a great combination. If you have roommates just rummage around in their medicine cabinet. Try to find some adderall or percoset or vicodin or something. Anything will do so long as you don't have to feel like yourself for a while because let's face it, you're a miserable person, and any solution is going to be a temporary one.
  17. I lost $500 in a 50c blind NL game once. Suck on that one. Only took me a few hours too. Wasn't even drunk...well, not very drunk.
  18. I remember this one will smith movie (maybe Enemy of the State) where they did something similar with a video from a lingerie store. Somehow they were able to rotate the image to see the side of the person facing away from the camera. Victoria's Secret has some high-tech shit going on. Speaking of whom, my friend's mom told him the other day that I remind her of Denzel Washington. I'm like the goofiest, whitest dude ever, but somehow that's what she thinks. I guess she just picked up on the sexiness. Then, a few days later she told him she also thinks I look like the dude that does the Allsta
  19. Yeah, I love it. I assumed it was making fun of those crappy movies where someone would be trying to solve a crime or something, and the only clue they would have would be this blurry security footage. And they would be watching it, and then all the sudden the main dude (usually nick cage or somebody like that) would say, "Wait! Back it up a couple seconds! Now rotate 90 degrees. See that guy in the back behind the craps table? Zoom in on his face. Enhance..enhance......enhance! That's the guy! We've got 'im boys, let's roll." That's what I thought, but I could be way off.
  20. Have you guys seen that Carl's Jr. commercial where the girl is eating the teryaki hamburger on the beach in a bikini? So sexy.God, I wanna fuck that burger.
  21. Man, for the longest time I've been wanting to make a Dean Moriarty account just so I could respond to every one of your posts with "Yes, yes, yes! Blow!" Or if I'm feeling a little distracted or annoyed with you just, "Yes, yass, yass...." This was always one of my favorite moves in the 90's action movies. Second only to the extremely fast, intense typing. Remember that movie Swordfish where they're trying to test the hacker guy's abilities so they have a gun to his head while he's trying to hack this unhackable, somehow amazing looking 3D website......while getting his dick sucked? And he do
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