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  1. I don't know what percentage of you people smoke, but if you do, be thankful you don't live in NY. $10 a pack now on Long Island, and up to $14 a pack in Manhattan. I need a second job just to be able to afford my 1/2 a pack a day habit.
  2. I didn't know you played guitar. That's awesome. If you ever wanna talk music theory, you come find me!I had no idea this place had so many musicians. That old guitar thread really surprised me.
  3. Wow. This place got really fuckin gay while I was gone.edit: I think all my posts in this thread from the original era were turd. Not that I don't like weed/video games.
  4. I just got really nostalgic about kers, and in my nostalgia I pictured him as Phil Hellmuth in the blue jacket/hat. Someone needs to bump that old MFK thread. I'm not lost. <3 boobs
  5. The first time I plugged her in and ran it through my sansamp into my rig it knocked 2 picture frames off my wall
  6. How are the tension compared to regular flats?Part of the reason I love my 760FMs is because of the tension. When I was learning I played a jazz bass, and always plucked close to the bridge. I liked the feel, but didn't like the loss in depth I'd get. When I switched to the P bass I realized I would need to pluck over the pickup (or slightly next to it with the covers on) and i needed the higher tension to offset that.
  7. I tore through probably 7 basses in under a year because I couldn't find "the one" that I really connected with and felt "right". I tried everything from Warwicks to Stingrays to various fenders, Ibanez etc. Since I'm not rich, or even financially comfortable, I'd save, then sell them when I didn't like it, then get another that I loved in the store but didn't stand the test of my furious ADD. I had an old POS P-Bass that I liked a lot except for the gross neck warp, so I decided to get an American Stan. P bass, and kind of make it a nod to my old strat that I played in HS. Olympic white, tort
  8. I never knew you played bass. Awesome. Always cool to meet fellow bassists. I use LaBella 760FMs on my '08 American P-Bass. I originally wanted the thicker gauge "Jamerson" flats, but they were out of stock and I needed them quickly, so I went down a gauge to the 760FMs. Flats take some time getting used to, but I prefer the higher tension of bigass flats. I set my action a bit higher than normal as well, and installed a foam mute under the bridge cover of my Precision to give it that classic tight thump. I'm so in love with this bass it's pathetic.Some pics of "Kelly 2.0"
  9. Always lead with your best quarities.
  10. Hi there!I'm Jeff. You may remember me as the asian guy that sometimes has his account used by a funnier non-asian guy who started this thread. I enjoy having chicks with accents that aren't middle eastern or asian (too close to home) tell me what to do.
  11. Trickier than it seems...
  12. CardWarfare

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    LOL @ "meaningful".I work for a storage company because it's easy and provides me enough money to fund my music stuff. Sadly, I have a better chance at making money in music than I do of "moving up" in my job (small company, I started at what's considered an upper management position)Speaking of good ol' krissy.... planetsuzy dot org. If you're cool with downloading instead of streaming, everything you'll ever need is there. You are all welcome.
  13. CardWarfare

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    Glad at least a few people posted here since I last checked in.I've been doing well. It seems not many people actually play poker anymore. I havent touched a card or a chip in probably 2 years. I'm busy as well with a full-time job and playing bass for 2 different bands. I still love Kelly Clarkson, and still have slanty eyes.
  14. wow. ironically enough, my biggest reason for not fancying asian girls is that they generally are built like 2x4s. apparently i am mistaken.please tell me this girl does porn, and that you can provide her name as well as references to some of her work
  15. G Force was a great movie. Not quite as good as Bolt, but still good.Srsly.
  16. I'm surprised they didn't void my account due to inactivity. I checked my recent posts and I don't think even Turd has been posting on this name in years.
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    I declared this thread dead 2-3 years ago and everyone ignored me too.
  18. Eh, whatever. I've put on weight too. It happens when you hit that "nesting" stage in the relationship.
  19. Goddamned right. Still love her. Hasn't changed a bit.
  20. CardWarfare

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    I can't believe I'm still the all time leader in posts in this thread....
  21. your av is actually what my av is supposed to be, i think.
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