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  1. Started catching up and then.. well. Stopped. Hello folks. I actually just started this last week. I needed something to make being active fun again because I hate the winter and find myself never wanting to get out of bed. Took the brazilian jiu jitsu classes last week as a bit of an intro and am going to the first muay thai/striking class tonight. pretty pumped for it. Also- look into reviews for different gyms near you. I don't know where "near you" is, but there tends to be a lot of them now.. Most offer a trial class so you can get a feel for the kind of person that trains there. I pic
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    I just can never seem to remember to come by here... That's awesome. i actually just started doing MMA training last week. I just went to the brazilian jiu jitsu classes last week, but today I start the striking class. Muay Thai and Boxing. Pretty stoked about it. I'll probably be training 3x a week since thats how the classes are broken down (Monday- striking, Wed- JJ, thurs- Judo/takedowns)Not saying I'm gonna be getting into a cage any time soon (if ever) but it's a sick work out and a lot of fun. That combined with some regular gym work and eating right and I should get in great shape pr
  3. This is why I always end up reconsidering whenever I plan on leaving my job. It's the kind of job where there really is no happy customer, because the happy customers don't ever interact with you, and sitting in an office alone all day with long periods of absolutely nothing to do seems awesome, and is pretty clutch on days like this (hungover and tired) but starts to drive you a bit crazy after a while. Also, since I'm doing basically nothing all day, it makes the periods of time when I actually do have to work seem that much worse. But I get paid decently (i have terrible spending habits whi
  4. don't judge me.and shake- what do u make a year? with all this pay talk i'm curious and am far too lazy to go look it up.on another note, i'm hungover and stuck at work all day. yaaaay
  5. You know what's far more annoying than reading about anything Steve Jobs related?The Pro vs. Anti Yankee bickering that's happening all over my facebook news feed.Die. All of you. Die.
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    check out the youtube vids on sixpack shortcuts. i know. it sounds gimmicky but its not i promise. its just a comprehensive workout and meal plan kinda rolled into one. the real program costs 97$ one time, and ive been on it since may and it's done wonders.
  7. i thought of that today. If i were more cynical I would've commented on the people live tweeting these protests from your iphone, but I'm far too lazy and apathetic to do that.
  8. The new iPhone won't double as a pocket pussy. That's pretty much what all the hubub is about.
  9. I'm not saying I was sitting crying over my macbook when I heard the news because 1- I can't afford a macbook and 2- I really can't think of one celebrity or public figure that I'd be really, truly upset about if they passed. Ok fine, Kelly Clarkson, but that's about it. My thing is just that i salute the guy for his accomplishments, and thank him because it's his company (and yes, I acknowledge the work of the employees under him, but let's face it, there always has to be a figure head of anything. Head coaches, quarterbacks, lead singers, CEOs, they'll always get too much credit when things
  10. Agreed. It'd be impossible to indiscriminately care about every person that dies, so there needs to be some way of ranking them in order of importance. A saint who did lots for a bunch of people, but had no direct impact on your life (or anyone that's close to you) should get ranked below someone who had an impact on you, even if it's just your phone and gadgets, imo. Maybe not in an ideal world, where people are admired based on humanitarian merit, but what they did that affected you personally, but in reality. That sentence was awfully structured.
  11. Eh, there's only so much facebook creeping one can do in a day. I welcome the dull.
  12. Also, I figure you guys would appreciate this. You know those ads on the side of your facebook that are supposed to be tailored to your interests/life? Well, this is what came up on mine the other day. Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  13. herro. That's pretty much the exact opposite of my job. Been here for 3 years and have done everything there is to do (small company, that really only handles one small niche) and other than the MILFy employee at my store (who's also awesome) my pay is the only thing I can't complain about. For the job I do, I'm pretty grossly overpaid. For example, I'll probably be posting here all day til I leave at 1pm. I would've been doing this all along if I didn't kind of forget this place existed for a while. I randomly spotted a tweet from negreanu on some website after that whole Full Tilt thing happ
  14. I don't care either.Sent from my iPhone
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    FYI- New kelly album drops oct 24th. bam.
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    Livin' the dream baby.Anyway, I honestly totally forgot about this place for a long time, or else I would've been back to say hi a while ago.I've been relatively busy with the band I'm in, as well as work (meh) and my recent fitness mission. I hit around 230 lbs last year and decided it was time for me to get un-fat, so I started working out hard (if anyone's looking for a good program to get on hit me up. I'll send u the link to the routine/meal plan I use) and eating right and am around 185 at the moment. No sleep til' six pack. I haven't played poker in forever. i don't think I remember how
  17. An eyes only message for Mr. Mexico:
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    And you say she's famous for no reason?
  19. I'll submit my resume here then. I'd be applying for the "director of finding pics of sweet krissy" position.
  20. Don't make me affirmative action myself into this list.(affirmative action works for asians too right? or is it just blacks?)
  21. You know what helps? Attention.Just kidding, you're screwed.
  22. Since I pretty much figured out where that story was going, I grew immediately concerned when I saw the mention of Burger King."Shit, I hope Wang didn't fuck up the place and cause something terrible to happen... like have them close or something."
  23. I wonder, even in a wasted mind, what is that supposed to mean? "I might have some piss on my hand, wanna smell?""My hand was just relatively close to my vagina in a way that would make most men uncomfortable/disgusted" ?"I'm dirty. Not in bed, but in regards to my personal hygiene."?"I don't trust water"?"I didn't wash my hands which means I don't live by society's rules"?
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