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  1. Welcome? **** you welcome. I been here. Where ron mexico at? Or speedz? Or beans&icewater. They were the talents of this thread.
  2. Are any of you ugly mother****ers here? This is Caleb.
  3. Not if you bet your bluffs the same. then they still can't define. But pressure is a constant. In any game pressure is an invaluable intangible. Pressure is the key to poker. I good sized bet in a good sized pot means they can't respond without the thought in their head that they may have to play for their stack. Cause they know it's liable to come again. They have to face it twice or maybe three times. Or maybe all at once. INTIMIDATE. smarter players than I advise a more conservative, small ball approach. But I say play with big balls. Cut nuts. It creates fear, and fear is an invaluabl
  4. A relaxed attitude comes only through repetitions. Repetitions come with getting your ass beat down until you become hard. You are soft right now. A dull blade. Pain and suffering will hone that samurai sword. Pay attention. All the time. To everything. With time, the mystical foresight your opponents exert over you will become routine and obvious. When you live on the alert, the game becomes clear. Unmuddled by bullshit. Intentional repetition will yield qualitatively different results. Patience. The results will sneak up on you. Or maybe you're just too dumb to play the game.
  5. Ok. Listen up homos. I wrote a poem to my sister on text message. This the way it goes: I'm a big Garth Grooks fan. And the Wu Tang Clan. And Woody Harrelson -- Ted Danson. And Lady Gaga and Bette Midler, And most of all -- the very most of all -- I love Joan Rivers. That filthy old cunt. --- SO? HUH? GOOD RIGHT? IT TOOK DECADES OF DRUNK WRITING TO PUT TOGETHER THAT PIECE. DON'T LET ME GO UNappreciated in my own time. That would be a sin.
  6. You know, the stalls in korea come all the way to the floor. They go higher up as well. It's like your own private little room. And the cleaning ladies don't kick you out when they clean. they'll run a mop between your legs while you piss at the urinal. Also, kimchi makes for some really solid and oddly textured poops.
  7. I'd just send her a text then. Don't ask her out or anything. Just say you're going and that it would be cool to see her there. Maybe try to add a little joke in there. Keep it relaxed.
  8. Not really your decision to make, man. Sorry. No reason to get worked up about it. I bet you're taking it harder than your kid is.
  9. Hmm. But your friends are going to this college thing? Or are you going by yourself?
  10. This is what makes asking her out such a terrible plan.
  11. I think calling and asking her out is a lot of pressure for both of you. I'd set up a night out drinking with a group of friends (this has to include at least a couple of girls, preferably good looking ones) and then send her a casual text asking if she'd like to tag along. And tell the truth about why it's been so long since you've contacted her minus the part about you being a pussy. Just apologize and say you had a lot going on when you got her number. It makes you look like a dude who isn't desperate. Anyway, if she texts back and shows up, great. If not, you still get to get drunk with yo
  12. How well do you think she remembers you?
  13. I joined the military. 19 months left.
  14. I think moving to nyc would be awesome. I've always wanted to do it. I'm thinking of doing it when I get back from Korea actually. Not that I've ever been to new york or know anything about it, but it looks nice on tv and the ladies seem real classy. Plus, I bet there's always something cool going on. You couldn't get bored in nyc.I'm pretty sure I could get him to stop being stinky if I went about it the way I normally would. In fact, last year through a combination of heart to heart talks and brutal berating I got a guy to stop stinking on his body and in his mouth. It went kind of like this
  15. Yeah, there's an HR department, but that seems like just about the worst way to deal with it. Same with going to your boss. You people don't really act that way do you?
  16. I could use a little advice. There's this guy at work who stinks. It's not a little stink either. Like if he's sitting near by and I turn towards him it snaps my neck back a little bit. Now, normally I'd just tell him he's smelly and he needs to take a shower before work, but I know for a fact that already three of the eight people I work with don't like me because I'm not nice and I'd like to have at least a couple of friends around. Plus, I was thinking maybe I ought to work on the maturity thing a little bit. So, how would an adult handle this one?
  17. Are you fatter? I bet you're fatter.
  18. I was thinking about this the other day. Not really in the context of how I've changed since I stopped posting here, but more about how I've developed as an adult over the last five years or so. Basically I realized that I haven't made any progression in emotional maturity. I've acquired virtually no skills in order to further a career I could do without killing myself inside of the next decade. I haven't had a single meaningful relationship that lasted more than a few months. I have virtually no control over my finances and absolutely no savings plan. I handle all my problems with my peers th
  19. Well if it helps, I don't know who you are. When I was about twelve or thirteen I remember watching a David Blane special on tv. Me and my brothers were watching it in the living room, and we were completely blown away. We couldn't figure out how he did any of those tricks. Anyway, after a while my dad walked in and we were all excited to show it to him so he watched it for a little bit. Well, he did this trick where a guy picked a card out of the deck and then put it back in without showing it to him and then David Blane threw the cards against this big store window and the dude's card was st
  20. The other day I was sitting in my room just bored, watching tv or something and playing with my nutsack, and I found that I could kind of push one of my testicles up into the area above and to the side of my penis. There's like a bulge there when I do it, but it's not that noticeable and unless you were to look really close you couldn't even tell. So after a little bit of working at it I was able to get both simultaneously up there and hold them with one hand so it looked like I had no testicles at all. Then I just kind of examined myself in the mirror for a while and flapped the skin back and
  21. You want to sleep with this girl right? Just decrease the amount of pussyness in your emails and increase the amount of sexiness. Flirt with her instead of tucking your wiener in between your legs while you type the emails. She'll either feel uncomfortable and cut off communication saving you the trouble, or she'll respond positively and you'll get to do some sex to her. Oh yeah, but do it in a cool way. Not like how you normally do things. Also, don't bring up her boyfriend at all. Pretend he doesn't even exist. If she likes you she'll do the same.
  22. Moreso the cuddling after. I didn't realize the guys at my gym were so considerate
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