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  1. To answer your question, yes, I've been around. Thanks for inquiring.

  2. Stick what in the where now?

  3. I'm not on the front page of your friends list? WTF?

  4. did you hack the forum or something? how did you get rated a 6?

    and more importantly, how do I get rated a six???

  5. Hi Cardwarfare,

    فقد اثبتت الدراساتفقد اثبتت الدراسات التي تركز علي هذه الماد

  6. In case you didn't understand.

  7. "This" being leaving you a bunch of comments.

  8. Because that will make this more fun.

  9. Do you get an e-mail or pm everytime someone leaves you a comment?

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