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  1. jeez these guys are awful... if u can dodge a few bullets... you should be able to take this down
  2. slow down the bets... ur betting almost instantly... take a few secs in between bets... maybe a few breaths too lol
  3. did you have anything there? i think that guy was stone cold... uve taken like 3 straight pots off him... i sensed a serious frustration bet there
  4. sorry i cant come in and chat... im broke on pstars... if u win i expect a little something :wink: loollolol
  5. keep it going! nice pot there... stay focused
  6. HAHAHAHA... wow... i cannot find any explanation for that play... what awful poker
  7. that guy is such a donkey... its only a matter of time before he busts... dont let him get to ya
  8. NICE POT... scary ass flop but you took it down... keep going!
  9. He had AJ i believe... just unlucky for you... if the J hits, u pick up a huge pot and take command...shake it off
  10. its okay just play your game... you got this deep, you can close it out
  11. yeah i see ya... IM me on msalinaro11 if u wanna discuss some hands
  12. Does Bodog allow money transfers??
  13. I believe that calling that huge raise with A 10 was by far the worst play... For Stillman, if he thought the guy had a pair in the hole, then pushing was absolutely the right play... It may have been a misread, but not necessarily a bad play... As far as calling the raise with A 10 is concerned, thats just terrible... There is so many hands that have him absolutely raped, and entering the pot with a hand like A 10 after calling a raise in the first place is an awful play. If you enter the pot with A 10 after raising, you already have command of the hand, so that's not as bad... Fact of the ma
  14. hey guys... just seeing what everyone thought of the 20+2 6-handed NL tourny at 8:45 on pstars... anyone else playing in this, and does anyone know if this is any good???
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