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  1. ok when i say i'm lighting money on fire, believe me i'm lighting money on fire.. in the plo hu
  2. 12,215.. table 1, spot light on me
  3. update: got my essay done.. playing the 300r.. gl all.. and gl to u vtlax in the omaha if ur still in
  4. Busy with school stuff the next few days. GL to anyone who plays.
  5. thanks man. I'm not going to lie, that one stings a lot, and is going to stick with me for a few days. It's extra rough after the 18th in the warmup on sunday. so sick this game we play.
  6. Full Tilt Poker Game #10556289788: FTOPS Event #13 (1r+1a) (73888793), Table 40 - 2500/5000 Ante 600 - No Limit Hold'em - 20:06:05 ET - 2009/02/10Seat 1: meissexyboy (123,493)Seat 2: pocketrockets11 (328,803)Seat 3: kurt23x (84,990)Seat 4: PassThaSHUGA (150,850)Seat 5: Im yr bad beat (301,203)Seat 7: nimzon (572,036)Seat 9: GEMEAUX2B (124,494)meissexyboy antes 600pocketrockets11 antes 600kurt23x antes 600PassThaSHUGA antes 600Im yr bad beat antes 600nimzon antes 600GEMEAUX2B antes 600meissexyboy posts the small blind of 2,500pocketrockets11 posts the big blind of 5,000The button is in seat #9*
  7. askdalkdljkas down to 13k.. lost QQ to AK as well.. gg wandi
  8. 5185 after addon.. should be on the range by roughly 4pm
  9. don't know much about him but i busted him from the 100r yesterday. /brag
  10. HA event at 2pm, and the 1k second chance at 9pm. I'm playing both, anyone else?
  11. nice guy, great player, but i'm still extremely ****ing jealous
  12. lost to arieh in the hu. he played well and i couldn't make a hand meh... 2.9mill in the warmup 30 left
  13. won my heads up ftops match. 813k in the warmup
  14. felt like a joke to me the entire time? i'm pretty sure you guys are taking this too seriously
  15. playing 100r.. gonna donk a sng satellite to the plo, dont rly feel like lighting 500 on fire
  16. i busted on the 4th hand lul, gla
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