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  1. nice. i was bluffing every hand i played in that. did we play any pots together?
  2. final table of the ftp 55 cubed 18k guaranteed. pocketrockets11. gla
  3. 151st in warmup, 15th in 75 6max.. 2/28 in the 55cubed on ftp... gla
  4. starswarmup, 109, turbo takedown, 100r, million, 500, second chance.. maybe late rebuys if i feel arightftp75, 55cubed, brawl, 163, 163r, 750k, mulligan, turbo 100rub500, 215gla
  5. that's the biggest crock of shit i've heard in a while
  6. hahaha.. no it was just a local live game. and a tournament a few times too. nothing special.
  7. ya i've played with the lawyer that represented the players. nice guy, good to see this
  8. interested. let me know what kind of odds and stuff you were thinking about.edit: nvm just heard that u are backed and do not want to do this for reasons i won't speak about here.
  9. tilt129 ftops163163rebuyftops mainmaybe mulligan if im not tiltedstarswarmup109109rmillion500second chanceub500215
  10. doing 5k satty stuff, might do the razz if it gets big enough we'll see. gl all
  11. not playing this afternoon, going golfing. gla
  12. got it in vs. super draw and he hit.. gg gl all
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