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  1. Full Tilt Poker Game #11438515975: Cyprus Open Qualifier (85746181), Table 6 - 500/1000 Ante 125 - No Limit Hold'em - 18:04:46 ET - 2009/03/31Seat 1: volosha (72,771)Seat 2: PAYMYLOANS (17,989)Seat 3: Josek_pl (20,049)Seat 4: vtlaxer09 (13,192)Seat 8: van4fingers (31,999)volosha antes 125PAYMYLOANS antes 125Josek_pl antes 125vtlaxer09 antes 125van4fingers antes 125vtlaxer09 posts the small blind of 500van4fingers posts the big blind of 1,000The button is in seat #3*** HOLE CARDS ***volosha foldsPAYMYLOANS foldsJosek_pl foldsvtlaxer09 raises to 13,067, and is all invan4fingers has 15 seconds le
  2. it's the last hand before the break. so he's guaranteeing himself 2150 @ 40/80 by folding.
  3. how is this even a discussion? snap fold
  4. Definitely agree with all of this, especially your tidbit about it being harder for online players.
  5. btw i'm gonna remember that A9 hand u won for a very long time. that was just so awesome. obv u remember?
  6. what's not to agree with? if we 3 bet will AJ(or any worse hands) call? certainly not. if we shove will AJ call? possibly. my point was referring to a 3 bet, not a shove.
  7. keep in mind guys.. if he were to 3 bet here like many of you are suggesting, he would be turning his hand into a bluff, as he wouldn't be getting called/4bet by worse.
  8. FTP 16k guaranteed, no not baxter is the name. 6/9 4400 for first gl.
  9. certainly don't mind a fold here at all.. after seeing how batshit this guy was though obviously it sucks, but if TJ didn't know that at the time I think he should fold.
  10. 21k guaranteed on FTP playing as No Not Baxter.. 3/9 5500 for first glglgl
  11. nobody obv, but that's what most people tend to do in situations like that.
  12. Ok let me ask you this. When we bet small on the turn. and then bet big on the river, will that not be a red flag? I think checking back the turn is way more deceptive, and is going to get you two streets worth of value (because of your raise on the river) a lot more often than betting the turn and river will. (especially in a 75 dollar tournament)
  13. checking back turn and raising river when bet into is definitely a better line imo.. by checking back turn he is almost always going to rule out a king being in your range, and not fold his aces or queens or w/e he has on the river
  14. definitely raising this river as played.
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