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  1. Four Winds is the closest by far...not a high roller place at all....50/1.00 NLH..1/2 NLH...$25 sit n go's..BLue Chip casino in Michigan City IN about 10 minutes west of Four Winds..decent card room wasn't much going on there midweek. If you go east your only option is Detroit which is 2 plus hours away.
  2. Oh yeah thats me...only if heads up with short stack have I been playing high cards i.e. QQJ9. KQJx, 10-10JK, otherwise been folding, only playing hands that have low and scoop potential, unless I am in a blind stealing situation. Should I be calling raises with these type of hands or raising with the fold equity, when down to 5 or less stacks being somewhat equal?
  3. trying to improve my sit n go strategy for O/8. I have been playing tight until the blinds get to 50-100 and then become more aggressive with A-low suited...pushing if flop is good, letting go if othewise. While this gets me to the final 5, it is here where I lack the knowledge to win. I make the money 60% of the time I am in the final 5...but more often then not I get 3rd rather than first. Any and all suggestions welcome.
  4. Thanks for the responses...I did shove and was called with 6-6. If the stack sizes were reversed would a shove be in order also? Or would a check/lead out be in order? I have more questions as I need to improve my end game...
  5. 30 players left MTT...avg stack 71K I have 59K....blinds are 4K-8K...cutoff has 110K plays lots of hands very passive calls 8K all fold to me in BB I have AQs. Do I push the rest of my chips? Is raising 24K an option? If raising 24K and the flop misses do I check/fold? Shove? I have terrible end game.
  6. I'm in defending my title from last Thursday! poorly I might add...but defending none the less!
  7. "..they have the Gerald R. Ford museum, a fish ladder, there is a church every 2 blocks, I'm telling you dude, Grand Rapids ROCKS!"
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