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  1. Sell his stuff and take the money. Make him work off the rest at a crappy fast-food place for minimum wage (i.e. less than $8 an hour). As much as I'm happy that your brother-in-law wants to help, you can't really know that the kid will be busting his hump with daddy around.They haven't been parenting him so far if he still acts this way.And please, please, please post some HH's. I could use a good laugh.
  2. I like to use it early in a tourney. Get it out of the way when the blinds are low. That way I can use the rest of the good luck on the rest of the tourney.You have to be careful though. You might get knocked out early with the bad luck.
  3. We all know the best female player is Tiffany Williamson.EDIT: If you didn't already guess: (sw)
  4. Fish at .25/.50 NL cash home game after busting out his $10 buy-in for the third time: "Sorry, I have to move to the other side of the table. Those guys are catching cards. I feel it over there."He loses his last $10. I recommend that he buys in for more than $10. He then borrows $15 from his friend and promptly busts by pushing all in pre-flop versus the tightest player at the table who raised on the button. Fish had 10-9 sooted versus pocket aces.Tight Player: “I guess the luck ran out on that side of the table huh?” I elbowed the tight player in the ribs and whispered, “Play nice, and don’t
  5. Sometimes. I've been lurking for a long while. I still think this is the best thread. Being a crappy losing player, I need humor to make the pain go away.
  6. This is the best thread on all of FCP.Its the reason why I joined up.
  7. Thanks for the replies.We ended up going to Trump because the rest of the guys didn't have a sufficient buy-in.I ended up $250 for the night (3 hours of play).I spent all of it on vodka back in Chicago.Vodka = -ev
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  9. Which casinos in the East Indiana area are worth going to for Limit or NL HE?A bunch of my friends are going this weekend and we don't know whether we want to go to the Trump or Resorts.What are the limits, rakes, comps etc..?Any advice?
  10. The correct answer, knowing the villain, is to fold. But since PokerTracker tells me I'm an idiot, I'd call the one bet on the river to see where I am.Villain had J-10. With the hundred or so hands I played that night, he would not let go of any pair on the board.
  11. No. It was a full table. The converter just doesn't work for me. Villain called from the big blind and is likely to play any broadway card. Because this is low limit, I'm worried that he has a small pair and no matter what, won't fold to a bet.EDIT: The question then becomes, do I bet out my draw, knowing I am behind with even a small pair (possibly even a three kings)?
  12. h3 b0ugh7 1n f0r 0n3 m1ll10n b1tch0d0yl3 buy 1n f0r 500kdaniel alei, 0r wh4t3v3r h1s n4m3 b3 buy1n f0r 200k3v3ry1 3ls3 by f0r m1nimum, 100k300-600 Nl4ny1 else th1nk d4nny pl4y l1ke f1sh3 l4t3ly,d4nny bus1n3ss b0yh0p3 d4nny d0nt c0mpl3t3ly f0rg3t h0w pl4y b4 p0pular1y of g4m3 subs1d3Don't get out much do you?
  13. Absolute Poker Limit .25/50*** POCKET CARDS ***Dealt to Hero [Jd Ac] Hero - RaisesVillain - Calls *** FLOP *** [4s 4d Ks]Villain- ChecksHero - BetsVillian - Calls*** TURN *** [4s 4d Ks] [10s]Villain - ChecksHero - Checks*** RIVER *** [4s 4d Ks 10s] [Kc]Villain - ChecksHero - ChecksVillain plays any suited Broadway + rag.
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