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  1. this shit is fukin cool as a muth****a...that is all
  2. Erick123...or spiritrock....them dudes can play!!!!DN our live man these 2 our online peeps!!!
  3. i phoned GA and told them i had a gambling problem."I KEEP FCKING LOSING" They hung up!!!!!
  4. Geez im glad the guido trend hasn't taken off here in Oz.We would be forced to call them shelias, wankers and wooly moofs...( aussie slang) I just can't get over the hair and bloody makeup.. :shock: ..crazy shite!!!!!shelia = biatchwanker= a wanker (some one who pleases themselves)wooly moof = ryhming slang..im sure you get iti might actually start a thread..that has some nice aussie insults ..you guys can use them on the guidos and they wouldn't even know...whadyathink???? ausssie isms???suck my sav ya wooly moof wanker, don't make me slap ya missus, ya bevon bogen yobbo...!!!10 points to t
  5. Joe JacksonCool thnx champ...its been like 2 years and i wasn't sure who sang that song...i though my first reply would be this.ITS JUST YOU!hahaah
  6. you r right...im keepin it old school...see below1. op starts...which is kinda all over the place..(oops).. CHECK 2. newb smartass remark ...CHECK 3.assuming i am someother nutcase...CHECK4. can we get a lock lock CHECK 5. race jopke... CHECK 6. serious reply...CHECK 7.more redpill insanity..CHECK 8. generic "hang yourself" comment..CHECK 9/10: :? who said FCP was going soft...thnx guys...luv ya work..drinks are on me!!!!!
  7. nice try..only if you go first.......fg8"can i geta noose noose"
  8. Spoke like a true veteran..OF WHAT 12 POSTS!!!!!!!You don't have much room to talk...SORRY CHAMP.....then i will be quite.....while you blow this guy...is that betterDid I ever say anything like I am the best, no.You're making fun of him for being a noob, and I said you don't have much room to talk, which is true.Please do be quiet.ok then...my beef wasn't with you...so sorry...the only reason i hastled this guy is cause in another thread he was being a smartass..so sorry kg..no disrespect....BUT 50 is more than 12.. :-)
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