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  1. "Of course I played the hand like a genius, thats what I do"-phil hellmuthlol hellmuth
  2. this is going to be a tough one for any non-native to translate as it doesnt use a roman alphabet, its just spelled phonetically which is torture to translate. not arabic but looks related, mayhap a farsi, or a language native to india.edit: may also be gibberish.
  3. anyone see the backhands this kid (gasquet) was hitting against roddick and is hitting against federer? he's sick. I dont think he'll beat federer, but that backhand is a killer weapon.
  4. youre a moron. the only problem with this proof is hte first line, require does not imply equality. a plant requires sunlight, that doesnt mean it is sunlight. that being said its a funny little proof.
  5. why dont the three variables A B C map onto three space?
  6. math degrees are extremely valuable. First they are highly regarded by graduate schools like law school/business school/med school. You can become an actuary which is paid well but boring. agencies like the nsa employ tons of math majors (is their an nsa equivalent in canada?). and also of course teaching. Consulting firms like accenture higher math majors to work with their engineers, and nasa also uses them for problems often reduced to linear algebra. also its much more respectable than the "science" of psychology.
  7. dont get involved in many pots until the blinds matter. then go after them in postion, with any luck youll pick up eneugh by the time you get called to compensate for being a dog to whatever calls you. not playing early will establish a tight image and youll be able to steal while it matters for a while before they catch on.
  8. is it still a big tent?
  9. i have a theory that anyone that quotes themselves in their sig is awesome. -sw (if you have to point out in your sig how funny you are, youre not)
  10. go get those blinds and antes.
  11. one of my buds from hs has supported himself solely from online poker since he graduated from college may 2005. He plays only 1-2 nl and 55 sng's on stars. He just got a real job yesterday since hes feeling like its time to move on, but he did it succesfully for 2 years, paying rent in philly, a car pament, cable, phone etc. and always as flush or more so than the rest of us. always plenty of coin to go out and always taking trips. But i will say its a real grind for him and he rarely plays for fun any more.edit: bdubhc on stars btw. (recently moved to dc)
  12. excellent command of sarcasm. i laughed.
  13. youve constructed a nice little world for yourself let us know when youre emporer.
  14. thread title= absolutely the hottest woman in poker...its okay to objectify some chick that youve elevated to the same esteem i hold david ortiz as long as its positive??okay the pot.edit: im a minute late
  15. as far as reading people live, alot of it comes from their hands and what they do with their cards and chips. so you do lose some of that. but a faster game is huge.
  16. i agree with walhroos, phil is not very gentlemanish.
  17. roland de wolf's speech impediment annoys the s hit out of me.
  18. 6 (3!) you against the other three then those three hu against each other.
  19. do i sense a blossoming FCP romance? also of course it has happened, even if its 1 in 500 million against how many billions of hands have been played in the histrory of NLHE?
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