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  1. I am in 8th place in $200k tourney. Just laid down QQ the hand before after spending $25k vs flopped A raiser. I was in 5th before that and 3rd a few hands before that. If they are cancelling it they should tell me so I can go to bed. PP didn't tell me for 20 hours once. Big embarassment for them to tell how this tourney was won. I say pay 10th and worse their spots and play later final table with current stacks. I was on a roll.
  2. No offence, buddy, but that sounds fish.. you better just post a reciet with that.. or better yet, have DN donate it, and tell you what charidy he donated to. in your name, and send you teh receit so you can write it off..Why fishy? I have XBox and no PS games, and no need to invest money for games to play on free system. I don't really trust DN to do what he says as that has proven untrue in the past.However; the PSP just arrived. Thanks to those who supported this and bumped this posting. Funny how BigD and I appear to be last to get prizes. Thanks to DN for having contest, but please k
  3. Good for you BigD. Hey DN - just send me a check for the value and I will donate it somewhere. By the time i seel it on EBay, i ould have less cash to donate.
  4. Ordered Pokerstars stress ball last week with FREE points. Arrived today. Very cool for bad beats. Now wasn't that easy?
  5. I am sure that myself, BigD and others would have been satisfied with a response such as this.
  6. At what point would you admit that DN has not lived up to his obligations?As soon as it's for sure that the people who won prizes have not received them. I know that prizes are being received little by little now, and plus we're at the busiest postal season of the year and that could be holding things up too.I just want to give him the benefit of the doubt because he is a really good person. There were so many things going on when the contest ended, including his getting married. If I were planning a wedding I think that mailing out prizes would be pretty low on my agenda too. Plus, look a
  7. I probably have not read strategy forums enough. I see what you mean. Though with all the hand details they seem very time consuming. Just seeing a lot of bad behavior on General Poker forum when people post a serious question. Thanks for your input. Any one have suggestion of where I should donate money from sale of PSP? Or even better - a place I can donate the PSP, without some charity director's kid scarfing it or giving to some kid who can't afford electricity or games for it.
  8. At what point would you admit that DN has not lived up to his obligations?
  9. http://www.walmart.com/catalog/product.do?...duct_id=3650305Simple enough. 5 minutes. I think about 3 people won PSP. http://reviews.cnet.com/Sony_PSP/4505-6464...81.html?tag=tprReleased Mar 24?So because I don't post often, but I read posts while playing poker, this makes me not deserve an honest prize status update? Maybe I don't post so much because I am busy PLAYING poker. I don't see how any serious player has the time to make so many posts. Posting the most here doesn't make someone more important than another person. Especially when the posts are not about poker. Most posts are
  10. My bump is that I doubt anyone would have been getting anything if this thread hadn't been started by BigD and bumped so much. We could never get a response from email. Its not the delay that bothered me so much as DN and Travis outright telling us that this is/was being taken care of in Sept, Oct, and again in Nov. DN acted like we were just complaining about our FREE prizes. I did not appreciate his misleading statements or unprofessionalism. I realize now I have wasted too much time at this site and he has lost a fan. Also, there were the DN worshippers saying to trust them just becau
  11. Looks like he won Oct 23.http://www.pocketfives.com/00D8C361-8721-4...0C0F0A0E8C.aspx
  12. Old news, but DN signed a contract to be the "ambassador" of the Wynn poker room. Played some $500K challenge matchesthere, but then either backed out of, or just didn't re-sign theagreement because Wynn wanted DN to only play in theirroom, and the boys in the "Big Game" weren't leaving theBellagio.That's good for DN. I was thinking he was limiting himself by sticking with Wynn.
  13. BDC30: What is the saga going on at The Wynn? BC4Jesus: Thanks for making my point. Possibly DN has too much going on to be effective? Quality is sometimes more important than quantity. I really do care about DN and hope he doesn't ruin his name. As far as all he has done for me, I do not know him personally and cannot think of anything he did for me. Maybe you are giving him a little too much credit?
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