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  1. AQhh < KK flatcalldonk on Jh5h4x board.. 11k pot at 50/100:( cant hit my 12 outer obv... not laying that down in a 11$ tourney with that floop anywaysty bob, much love
  2. im gonna set up a team AIM chat. if youre on our team, im me at patrickschnarrgogoggoooo donking special!
  3. wait... flames fan? do you live in calgary too?!?!
  4. i put you as that guy cuz i thought he looked like the most awkward of the bunch actually, lol
  5. something is wron with my account at telus, it hasnt worked for almost a week and they keep wanting to give me a new number but i dont want one so i have to wait til a tech looks at it, its brutal
  6. ughbluffcall doesnt work and im out in 9th8 hi no good on a446j board
  7. going in 1/9 but its close1350 for first!tourney #84553423
  8. fwiw getsprung, i got up at 715am today for work... lol felt great obv
  9. Full Tilt Poker Game #1254311960: Table Lynette Chan - $2/$4 - No Limit Hold'em - 0:57:29 ET - 2006/11/16Seat 1: DunderDaniel ($1 134.95)Seat 2: MyPlayIsRAB ($311.15)Seat 4: lipperskipper ($519.10)Seat 5: bkrebs ($354.10)Seat 6: Nickmaster ($718)Nickmaster posts the small blind of $2DunderDaniel has 5 seconds left to actDunderDaniel is sitting outDunderDaniel has timed outMyPlayIsRAB posts the big blind of $4DunderDaniel stands upThe button is in seat #5Holecards :Dealt to MyPlayIsRAB [2d 3s]lipperskipper foldsbkrebs raises to $12Nickmaster foldsMyPlayIsRAB raises to $30bkrebs calls $18Flop:[J
  10. preflop8d 7d Ah 2h 171190 34.24 328810 65.76 0 0.00 0.342As Ad 6d 3h 328810 65.76 171190 34.24 0 0.00 0.658when you got your money in8d 7d Ah 2h 51 6.22 769 93.78 0 0.00 0.062As Ad 6d 3h 769 93.78 51 6.22 0 0.00 0.938vwp
  11. this is so bad. fold preflop.. ainec, i dont know if id even raise that in EP like you did, unless it was plo8. LOLapalooza
  12. jsut got in from downtown and im registered. go team don king specialor is it donking special?
  13. [x] dark horse to win imho[x] might be drunk[x] vtlaxer is cute[x] GetSprung approves of my beverage of choice
  14. someone pick all canadians imonext week = Rab's Team Canada obv shipping all of the cheddar
  15. count me inpattypoker21 (calgary)obv the best choice since ive just cashed 5/6 lats tourneys and have almost ftd this twice out of 10 triesimo
  16. lmao @ repopping a utg+1 raiser with ATo. wp s ir, wpgg MR
  17. if i was to have an honest opinion regarding shipping a tourney, it would be hereGOOOOOOOOOOOOO MR HAGAR
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