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  1. i was hoping this was a site for the worlds most dangerous group, NWA
  2. looooooooooooolif you pick drc i kill self
  3. id def take it, unless someone can transfer me $ for cash$
  4. in..any canadians want $20 via interac money transfer for 20 on stars? i cant dep with my visa but would def like to play/get frustrated
  5. trying to run 2.98 to 20$ to play... only me and kobe in the chat so far
  6. id defintely like to listen to the ventrilo chat if poss
  7. i hope youre not trying to justify why you call raises with 94 because its suited and you might make a flush...
  8. ill throw in like 2$ for this too
  9. 2+2 has a sng book which id highly recommend, but i t is a NL sng book. some of the strategies culd be transferred to minbet though
  10. agree completely, such a beauty of ahand. against a lagggggg like this, youre ahead here like 95% of the time
  11. drunk posting on a thursday on fcp is reserved solely for myself, gallo, troyomac and canuckistan
  12. lol, i was a habs fan from birth til they f'd over roy, then became a leafs fan, and switched back to the habs last year.. thus 1/2
  13. olololol3 mthsandflames wer ealways my #2 team behind either the habs or leafs
  14. gfythey dont even know what hockey is in california
  15. GO FLAMES GOI M Olol it rhymesmy opinion = flames in 7 here, then flames > canadians in 6 in cup finals
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