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  1. nah im just jokin. we have the same thing here; i get about $125 4 times a year in the form of a tax rebate. although americas debt is out of control but thats a different topic. theyre obv trying to stimulate the poor economy since going to war on two fronts didnt help jump start a good economic periodand youre right, we arent ar eal country. we're a dominion imo
  2. i generally have 4 or 5 shots in a row and wait 30 mins, or just rub one out. rubbing one out is gods way of making you tired
  3. like i told you before, portland is great. im sure youll love it there. i usually swing down to portland once a year to shop so we'll have to get together, have a few drinks and get silly
  4. 180 million adults in usa x $600 ave each = $108 billion that could be used to pay down your ASTRONOMICAL and OUT OF CONTROL $9 trillion in debtWP america
  5. kenny tran is sick, he knew he had the 7or 8 for a gutterball but couldnt figure him for floosh also
  7. click setup and you can change your output volume to max, i had to do that
  8. nervous about talking to others/!?! we're all cool really, except pt special
  9. <3ill be back for the vent chat in a few, im taking a dump right now and i didnt want to be tempted to talk whilst pooping
  10. we're going to do a ventrilo voice chat, im me on aim at patrickschnarr for infodiscuss hands, prop bets, and overall lft due to the tourneyglglggl all inim in as pattypoker21
  11. alberta has a ton of casinos, and gambling/drinking/smoking age is 18
  12. aggdafdafadgaghafa beat me to it by like 25 sec
  13. i only go boom boom like once every two days.. i think something like this would help me get thin again
  14. VTLaxer09VTLaxer09VTLaxer09VTLaxer09VTLaxer09VTLaxer09VTLaxer09VTLaxer09MyPlayIsRAB
  15. still got a chat goiung on in ventrilo imo
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