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    if i look at the right angle, i might be able to see your balls in your shorts. i think im going to refrain from that thoughps imo youre not drinking enough
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    oh god, im sitting next to you and youre not wearing underwear... this is making me realllllly uncomforatble
  3. GLGLGL!!!ship it one time for the fluffdizzle!!!! :D
  4. goooooooooooooooooooooooooo[ ] getting any sleep tonight before 7am work
  5. vvvvvvvvv happy with chris ferguson in the hu format for obv reasons
  6. sbd is cuter and i have pics to prove it
  7. me and canuckistan are shipping for a pick. team calgary connection will pwn everyone
  8. http://www.badongo.com/file/9457186bonus poker contentaa vs KK preflopaa is about 80% to win
  9. fwiw i hung out with apathy and he had a ship it holla balla shirt, and it was designed like the coke logo. so you fail, its already been done
  10. or to smoke hash oil after not getting high for a month and also after 12 beer. smart plan imo........ leads to passing out quickly
  11. GO FLUFF!!!! :D :icon_dance:and normal text for go jordan!
  12. standard. me and canuckistan had tequila last night that tasted like varnish. didnt stop us obv
  13. doesnt serve him at all. rigged imoanswer my im!!
  14. i loldbut sadface for jorge. one can only assume he broke his foot making burritos or thinking of a way not to work
  15. lol @ QK < 9T on JQ5 rrr board ai on the floop. nice shove ie imo
  16. lol @ T5 limp otb. 95 < T5 ai on turn, K hi floop. gg 95. i win 2nd when 67> AT ai on k65k boardround 3 in 4 mins
  17. also imo im ****ed if canuckistan puts on his 'riverstars' shirt. one oft hose ones someone was selling a while ago. sigh. gg blue dress shirt from work
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