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  1. id have to disagree with this, although it is partially true. the welterweight division along with the WEC's lightweight division (headed by Urijah Faber) are both sick as well and imo the welterweights put on a better show (GSP, etc)
  2. i dont know, forrest is a huge fan favourite and hes also asick fighter. i cant believe rampage was humble and not a dick like he usually is
  3. wow 28-26/28-26/29-27 unanimousweird... sick fight, congrats forrest
  4. split decision so faras is im thinknig 29-28 griffin
  5. this is sick forrest domination so far... rampages left leg is f'd
  6. jackson/griffin about to startnew link is http://www.justin.tv/ufc_live
  7. http://www.justin.tv/narlytime
  8. no way anyone from NB plays 10/20 or 25/50nl, we're too busy fishing or cutting down trees imo
  9. with the blessing of key ay key you cant lose!
  10. playing as kobe4mvp23700ish for first, 3/8 at ftgogogogogogogo
  11. Macho Man? OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHsnap into a slim jim imo
  12. Very good techno program on BBC Radio One every Friday. If you like rock/techno and house music youll love it. They do sick mashups where they put like 30 songs together in 5 mins, etc. Very good, Ive been listening for about 3 months now and never miss it. This weeks Thunderstruck intro was ridicLink to listen to it (archived for 7 days after broadcast)http://www.bbc.co.uk/radio/aod/mainframe.s...l?radio1/mashuplisten to old broadcasts:www.newmixes.com (search for annie mac)
  13. 8k as we jump to 300/600 in the 100k
  14. could do 3 or 4 in a row without flinching imho
  15. how to bust 32nd ina 11/180have 7k 99 < TJ allin on 983 rainbow floop, Q turn leavec me with 3krebuild to 7k thenqq < AA allin on Q82 flop, A rivwhat a comeback to poker!
  16. irish car bombs ftmfw. you sir are not a real drinker if you cant handle guinness mixed with jamesons and baileysthats all i drink at EOM's since theyre like $10 normally, and free there
  17. MyPlayIsRAB


    is she miss vaughan? cuz that miss vaughan is one piece of ace! if you know what i mean
  18. MyPlayIsRAB


    DO WORK SON!!!!! have a few drinks then go over and act confident and im sure youll get laid imho
  19. ps anyone watching VH1 right now? omg @ the 80s metal awesomenesss
  20. MyPlayIsRAB


    bush league. its only 1035! and also in my opinion if youve been drinking all day theres no reason you should be able to type so well!
  21. MyPlayIsRAB


    join this $11/180 filing up on stars... me and canuckistan are both in
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