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  1. the thing i like about online draw poker is that people get quite excited when they get a pair. they dont realize its almost 2-1 to get one. most of the players who play draw on celebpoker (where i play) all are holdem players and just try draw. so i make money off them. it works out efficiently. they get their try at draw, i get my $. -patrickon a similar note heres some of my stats from since i started playin at celeb($20 deposit on 10/12)holdem - +$10 (20 hrs of play.. YES I KNOW./. BAD)draw +$185 (19 hrs of play)stud +95 (1.5 hrs of play.. i jumped onto a 4/8 table and wheeled.. )you guys
  2. quite the valid point.stud hands can be propostorously long. but stud is quite popular now so they must have it. if speed was an issue, all there would be would be holdem and omaha games on sites.
  3. Hey guys,Ive been wondering lately about 5 card draw.. (1)why isnt it played for at the WSOP anymore (2) why dont most online poker sites carry it? I learned to play 5 card draw before any other game, and have done reasonably well online playing (at celebpoker..only site i could find with draw and a relatively nice layout) I know they contest A5/27 triple draw at the WSOP..but whats the beef with straight up draw?Thanks for any input..Patrick
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