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  1. Hmmm I think its going to get hot in here.
  2. No offence to the people who have laughed, i expected it, but as i said before, this message was really to the people who are are at college and think 'hey, i know i can make thousands playing poker, therefore i'm going to quit!!'. I'm just trying to do my bit.
  3. I'm just being honest about what happened. I don't expect to people to care or indeed, not take the p.iss. But i figure its a a decent communty in here so thought i'd tell it like it is. If you prefer, and if it is possible, i'll delete the OP.
  4. I just went broke. FECK, hey kids i plan to drink myself into a coma tonight, then sort myself out tomorrow. REMEMBER FOR EVERY 18-23 YEAR OLD OUT THERE >>>> AT LEAST GET A TRADE!!!! I'm 30 and f.cked, i'll either get by working behind a bar or doing some other menial job. WOW i just realized what a mess i made of life. And the trouble is, this isn't even a joke account.
  5. You just started sleeping? How old are you, that must be a recordAnd were you really tired or is she a pig?
  6. Oh i'm sorry, my original post was so important that, really, i should give a f.ck what u think.
  7. losing $5,500 when i was drunk. It was probably fun though, shame i can't remember.
  8. Nice motor. That is all.
  9. just cut and paste one of the above links into the 'merge' box
  10. shall we start posting links to each others?WEll anyway, heres what i've got..http://shygypsy.com/farm/p.cgi?state=bcpba...ess&guess=+
  11. break time for me but i will come back to this!!
  12. hey dogpatch, send me your link, heres mine, i have poker section almost finished http://shygypsy.com/farm/p.cgi?state=bcoba...ess&guess=+
  13. middle of robin hood screen anyone? with the black line through it.
  14. someone give me a 'pig' word
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