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  1. Apart from the fact that this situation can clearly be explained, the real question has to be:Do you seriously think anyone would waste their time colluding at a $10 SitnGo?Please..................
  2. The PR Lanye Flack plays almost every day there. I have played with him a great deal in the past, mostly at the 1k, 2k and 5k games, and he is a young guy that is still very inexperienced, and not in any way ready for a short handed game such as this.
  3. FYI It is not Layne Flack the pro player you all know, but a regular on PokerRoom who uses the name (spelled Lanye Flack). Let me assure you that he is not good.........
  4. FYI - Daniel is playing 500-1K with ME ME ME ME on FCP right now.ME ME ME ME is a good player I have played with him a lot in the past. :-)
  5. Teneight - If youre coming to town today, where will you be playing?I am going to see a show tomorrow night, but will most likely end up at the Wynn around 11pm or so. Won't be playing, but will most likely be sitting behind hubby who will be in whatever the biggest game is they have going (normally 5-10 NL but maybe 10-20NL tomorrow as it is busy in town.Come say hi if you want to. :-)
  6. lol skip :)Couldnt see any way you had overpair there the way the hand was played.teneight - funnily enough, my name is Cute_Girl
  7. Where do you guys mostly play?I play most of the sites, either the mid size NL games or the big limit games.I have been on UB a lot this week as I hadn't played there for a while and wanted to check out the action. Most of the last 6 months I have been on PR almost exclusively.Anyway thanks for the warm welcome to the site. I read this forum every day, and have done since the beginning, but only recently set up an account. You guys can be fun to read :-)
  8. this game really isnt that good. Im off to greener pastures. :-) Andersun - are you hitting on me?Im married you know...... :oops:
  9. Yeah hes supposed to fold a bad A there you would think.Oh well - next time....Gl Zimmer :-)
  10. I am new, but maybe I will get an avatar once I figure out how to do it :-)
  11. I wouldnt worry about me - I havent seen a hand in about an hour !
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